GRE Verbal

GRE Verbal Tips

25 Quick Preparation Tips for GRE Verbal Section

The GRE verbal section tests your English language on the basis of your vocabulary, ability to complete a sentence by understanding it, and paragraph & sentence analyzing ability. So, start preparing a few months before the test. However, a few quick tips discussed below can help you boost your ... »

GRE Reading Passage

7 Tips & Tricks for GRE Reading Comprehension

GRE reading comprehension block usually consists of long and short passages that are followed by questions. Each passage normally comes with 4-6 questions. In order to effectively use your time, you should aim to spend about 3 minutes reading and 1 minute answering. The following are methods that wi... »

compare GRE GMAT Verbal

GRE Verbal Vs. GMAT Verbal

Hey guys, After the dissection of the quantitative parts of GRE and GMAT, it is time to check out the verbal ones so you could make an informed decision about your exam (and respectively your future, but don’t freak out! This is also a study and exam day strategy number one). While the quantitative ... »