Word Of The Day – YEN

Word Of The Day – YEN

Short Definition : strong desire; longing; urge; Definition: (noun) a yearning for something or to do something (noun) the basic unit of currency in Japan (verb) have a desire for something or someone who is not present Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1.Yen It sounds like young. Normally young... »


Word Of The Day – COGENT

Definition: (adj) powerfully persuasive (adj) (of an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing. Pronunciation:   Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1.cogent – gent – a gentle person is always the right person to convince others. 2. co+agent. Cooperative agents make cogent suggestions. 3.... »


Word Of The Day – ESOTERIC

Definition: (adj) confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. ESOTERIC sounds like HISTORIC and history incidents/things are known to few people. 2. ESOTERIC sounds like Estrogen, which is a female hormone.We all know that females are H... »

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Word Of The Day – ATAVISM

Definition: (noun) a reappearance of an earlier characteristic Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. by ATAVISM you can remember AVATAR, i.e. you are an avatar(incarnation) of one of your ancestors. 2. ATAVISM is a reappearance of an earlier characteristic. Lord Krishna is avatar of Lord Rama. 2.... »


Word Of The Day – REPUDIATE

Definition: (verb) cast off (verb) refuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid (verb) refuse to recognize or pay (verb) reject as untrue, unfounded, or unjust   Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. Break Repudiate as: re (reject) + pudi (pudding-a sweet dish given after meal) + ate... »


Word Of The Day – ZANY

ZANY Short Definition : comic; crazy; N: clown; comical person (given to outlandish behavior) Definition: (noun) a buffoon in one of the old comedies; imitates others for ludicrous effect (noun) a man who is a stupid incompetent fool (adj) ludicrous, foolish (adj) like a clown Pronunciation: Mnemoni... »


Word Of The Day – PALPITATE

PALPITATE Definition: (verb) (of the heart) beat rapidly, strongly, or irregularly. Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. palpitate – Break it as pal+pit Your pal or friend fell on a pit, as a result your heart started to BEAT RAPIDLY 2. palpitate – Break it as  pulse + agitate Heart ... »


Word Of The Day – MACABRE

MACABRE Definition: (adj) shockingly repellent; disturbing and horrifying because of depiction of death and injury. Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. In Hindi language it sounds like the word makbara. A place where people are either buried or burnt, and it is a ghostly and horrified place to ... »


Word Of The Day – LACHRYMOSE

LACHRYMOSE Definition: (adj) showing sorrow Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. Break lachrymose  – lac+chry(cry)+mose(most), so when you cry most you produce ‘tears’. You produce tears when you are sad. 2. Tear glands in our eyes are also known as lachrymal glands .So they ar... »


Word Of The Day – SANGUINE

SANGUINE [sang-gwin]   Definition: (noun) a blood-red color   (adj) optimistic or positive, cheerful especially in a bad or difficult situation.   Pronunciation:   Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. Rhyme like penguin penguins are very cheerful and hopeful. 2. break it like sang + vine, y... »

Word Of The Day – KILLJOY

Word Of The Day – KILLJOY

Killjoy Definition: (noun) someone who spoils the pleasure of others, spoilsport Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. Break it up..kill+joy……. kill here means spoil others joy means…..to spoil other’s pleasure…. »

Word Of The Day – UBIQUITOUS

Word Of The Day – UBIQUITOUS

Ubiquitous Definition: (adj) being present everywhere at once Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. It rhymes like mosquitoes, which are being everywhere. Hence, being omnipresent. 2. Break it like: UB + QUIT + US. In India, UB Group (Vijay Mallaya) was present everywhere, until he QUIT on US fro... »

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