4 Essential Tips To Know When Applying for a Student Pass to  Singapore

4 Essential Tips To Know When Applying for a Student Pass to Singapore

Now that you’ve already made an excellent choice and decided to go to Singapore to grab that qualification (and pursue your dreams), it should be common knowledge that you need a Student Pass to study in Singapore, if you’re an international student.

And you might have already applied for that Student Pass, or maybe you haven’t, and are going to, but you desperately need to know what to do right and what not to mess up in the process (because an application for a Student Pass is no light matter). Well, what are we here for? We at PrepEZ present to you 4 handy tips that you should be equipped with when you’re applying for a Student Pass to Singapore!


Check if you need a visa

You might be confused right now. What do you mean? I am applying for a visa! But the thing is, a Student Pass and a visa are not the same. Now in most cases, a Student Pass is all you’ll require to get into that university of your choosing, but there might be a chance that you’re from one of the handful regions where an exclusive visa is required along with a Student Pass to be able to study in Singapore. Therefore, to avoid hassle, we recommend that you check whether you need a visa.

If you’re from one of the nationalities that require visa, you can apply for a visa at this website: Apply for a visa to Singapore


Check if meet the requirements

Now this is almost a mandatory requirement you must follow, and you could be thanking us that we presented you with this tip, because it is very important.

It differs in every university, but most of them have similar academic requirements that you need to meet to be able to study there.

For most universities, the requirements are not that high. You’ll need an average ‘B’ grade for English, Mathematics, and relevant subject, but be wary that the better the university, the higher the requirement. Top-tier universities like Nanyang Technological Universities have much higher requirements than others, for example. Whatever university you’re going to, make sure to visit their official website and check in to the minimum requirements.


Get your documents ready


You’re applying for world-class universities here, and of course, as a result, there will be a lot of documents you’ll need to submit. They’re compulsory, but we’re here to remind you to arrange them in order now, in case you get into a hassle later. When you go to collect your Student Pass (usually issued by the university), you’ll need to show up with these documents.

Here’s a list of documents you’ll need to submit when collecting the Student Pass:

  • Your passport – You must send copies of specific pages of your passport, and of course, the passport must be valid.
  • The departure/entry card you received when you came/exited Singapore
  • Paper print of an eForm 16 that you submitted to SOLAR, with your signature on it
  • The copy of the In-Principal Approval (IPA) letter which you got when your selected university approved your application to study there
  • A very recent passport-sized photograph of you in a white background
  • A very recent medical report of your health
  • Some miscellaneous fees (approx. $30)

Also make sure that all the documents have been translated into English before submitting and you’re good to go!


Take care of the IPA letter

If your application to the selected university was successful, then you’ll get an IPA letter (In-Principal Approval letter), which basically tells that the university has accepted you for your study course. This letter is very important and should not be tampered with, because until you get your Student Pass this letter will act as your temporary Student Pass and will allow you to enter Singapore. So in case you accidentally burnt it or tore it or deleted it in happiness of being accepted (please don’t do so), you’re back to square one. So, we insist that you take good care of that letter.


All in all, the key here is to be patient. Nothing happens overnight, and getting into the best universities on the planet certainly won’t. Sometimes the process may take months to complete, and you might start banging your head on the table (please don’t; we care about your safety). So please be patient, follow our tips, and in no time (hopefully), you’ll be getting set for the prosperous future you so rightfully deserve!


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