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5 Benefits of Getting an On-Campus Job

On a very recent article we mentioned 7 best on-campus jobs for you.

But then comes the inevitable question in your minds. What exactly makes these jobs so worthy of your time and effort? What makes on-campus jobs more preferable than external part-time jobs?

In this post we’ll be discussing exactly that. Here are 5 reasons why you should get an on-campus job right now:

  1. Money

Yeah, well, the first advantage of doing an on-campus job is, after all, the money. It’s why you started working. It’s why you’ll keep working.

The money earned from on-campus jobs—or any part-time job for that matter—is minimum wage, but that is enough and can accumulate over time to quite a number. You can use that money to buy food, clothes, or any other necessities. Or you might need that money for your daily dose of latte, which is also fine.

  1. Safety of the Compound

More often than not your classes will run till late afternoon (usually up to 4 p.m.) and that’s when you’ll have to head off to whatever job you’re doing.

So if your job is outside the college compounds, then there’s the danger of being mugged or harassed in the streets, especially since you’ll be working hourly and might need to spend more time at night, whether it be at the café or someplace else.

And that’s where the advantage of working indoors come sin. At the safety of your compound college you can work and earn money without having to fear people stealing money that you barely have, or having some weirdo go all touchy on you. Colleges feel the closest to home in this regard.

  1. Valuable experience

Whether you’re tired of the job and it’s only the money that keeps you going, subconsciously you’ll be gathering a lot of experience, and that will be invaluable In the long run.

The job you pick up now might be the job you’ll need in the future, but with higher pay rates. In that scenario, a C.V. that details you working in that area before will nicely warrant a good position in that company. For example, if you worked as a desk attendant during college, you can apply for the same job out of college, where they’ll pay you a good deal of money for you experience in the past. Similarly, even if you don’t apply for the same job, it will do a helpful job of filling out your C.V., and increase your chances of nagging that job.

  1. Time management

I don’t want to sound like your parents, but I’ll do and say it anyways—Time management is important.

Regardless of what subject you choose, you’ll need to spend some hours into it if you’re in the pursuit of a degree and if you want that job we talked about earlier. In which case, it is important that you properly schedule your tasks and manage time for studying, and on-campus jobs allow you to do that.

You can time your own work hours and work for as much hours as you like,, so that you earn the money while not missing out on your studies. Similarly—and this may be the best part—most of the on-campus jobs require you to just sit there and wait. In this free time, you can do your homework and studies, and in essence, you’re getting paid for that. Talk about killing two birds with one stone.

  1. Social interactions

Any person who’s been through high-school knows how imperative it is to have good friends. Regardless of whether you were a shy nut or one of the popular fellas, you’ll be making new friends altogether, and on-campus jobs provide you the platform for that.

Working as a library assistant? You’ll have to show people books. As a desk attendant? You’ll have to show people in. Regardless of which job you choose, there’s always a fine opportunity to meet up with new people and form connections with them, some of which might last for life, and that’s what I regard to be one of the finer perks of the on-campus jobs you’ll getting.

Make that killing three birds with one stone.


The purpose of this post was to inform you that it’s not only about the money and that there’s other things to benefit from an on-campus job. You’ll be making friends, getting experiences, managing time, and all-around working in a comfortable environment, and that might just make you a tiny bit more passionate about your college.

Regardless of that, it’s safe to think that you should get your hands on the job. Like I said before, it’s not only about money, because money can’t buy you happiness.

But an on-campus job can.


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