5 Useful Tips to Know When Studying in Singapore

5 Useful Tips to Know When Studying in Singapore

Studying in Singapore? Let me just tell you that you’ve made a great decision; after all, Singapore is one of the most institutionally advanced countries in the world, and if you’re getting your education here, your future is set in whatever direction you’re heading, with world-class teaching workforce, technology, and autonomous studying. For reasons, why you should study in Singapore, check in here: 5 Reasons Why You Should Study in Singapore

However, decisions aside, wherever you go to study, you’re entering completely new territory that more often than not you’ll know knowing about. Such feeling of being a fish out of water can weigh in on you and distract you from your main objective: studying. With that in mind, we at PrepEZ have prepared a collection of tips that will be useful for you to know if you’re venturing into Singapore for your studies.

Stock up on finances

Nothing comes for free, and although Singapore’s education is reasonably cheap, you must take into account the cost of boarding and living expenses. Education fees for citizens is very low, but for international students, the prices are rather high.

If you’re an international student who is from a member state of ASEAN (the members are Brunnei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao DPR, Singapore, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Viet Nam), then the expenses are low relatively. For students from these member states, the tuition fee for pre-university is ~$860 per month, while for international students outside ASEAN, the fee goes up to a whopping ~$1300 per month. Couple that with living expense and boarding schools and your monthly fee can range from $1500 for ASEAN students to $2000 for non-ASEAN students. So you should save up on some money before going to Singapore for studies.

Find a good boarding house

If you’re an international student then naturally you’re going to need a place to stay at. For that purpose, Singapore has several boarding houses where you can stay during your studies, and finding the right one is of utmost importance. The cost, distance from the institution, and services are things that you should consider before moving to Singapore.

As much as costs go, lodging in boarding houses is reasonable. For an excellent boarding house with high-class services, you might have to pay as much as $600 per month (which was accounted into the living expenses above). You may find others for a lesser price.

Here’s a website that lists all the boarding houses in Singapore. Choose according to your benefit and liking: List of Boarding Houses in Singapore

Learn decent English

Like explained in this post, English is the compulsory language used there for instructional purposes, meaning every student and teacher must communicate in English. This may not seem like a problem if you’re a native English-speaker, but if you’re not, it can lead to some distractions while studying, inability to concentrate, and perhaps some embarrassing moments that might make it difficult to live there.

But fear not! The Internet is filled with free websites that teach English for free, and so there is no need to worry. You can learn decent English and get on track with your study course.

If you already know how to use English properly, then I suggest that you learn one of the other three main languages of Singapore: Malay, Mandarin and Tamil. Doing so will equip you socially, and help make some connections, which leads us to the next tip below.

Make friends and other social connections

Singapore is a world in itself. Don’t taker it’s size for granted, because it is huge, and it has many layers that you need to explore to become a full-fledged learner. After all, you’ll be living there for quite a while, and if you don’t know the ins-and-outs, you might get in troubles.

For this reason, I recommend that you make some friends there. You’ll be studying with a lot of people, and so it provides for ample opportunity to strike up a conversation and make some friends. You can also make connections with people around you: your professors, neighbors, wardens, local shopkeepers. Any relation made will be advantageous to you because they’ll help you adapt to the world inside Singapore, and make your stay there so less lonely and so much fun. We’re social animals, and survival without social indulgence is impossible for any human being, so my suggestions to you: get on with the right group and the right people.

And who knows, you might even find your soul-mate out there somewhere! ?

Find a part-time job

And last but not the least, find a job. It’s very important, because life in Singapore is admittedly very expensive, and just that trinket of extra cash might come in handy when you’re down on funds.

However, you should note that only select universities allow students to work part-time (because the primary focus is always on learning), and so you might want to ask your university if they permit working before applying.

If they do, then it’s 16 hours and no more, which roughly equate to about 2.5 hours each day. This is sufficient, considering that university assignment should not be taken lightly, and finishing them can take quite a while, so you might not want to spend more time wearing out yourself. However, work permit is not required for work during vacations or holidays.


I will not try to misinform you with false info, so here’s the blatant truth: studying in Singapore is hard. It is hard everywhere, but especially so in Singapore, where you really must persevere to succeed. That may sound repulsive, but trust me, stuff will get harder in life beyond your imagination, and I’m very happy to see that countries like Singapore take it seriously. There is no ‘later’; you must learn to work hard now.

So even though these tips will make your life there measurably better, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to study any lesser. You must work just as hard, and sweat just as much, and then you’ll achieve the sweet nectar of success, because you have earned it. So, go forth with these tips and your unwavering determination, and you’ll get what your heart desires. Everything will be worth it.




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