6 Awesome Tips For The SAT Test Day

6 Awesome Tips For The SAT Test Day

Finally! The day you have worked so hard for and looked forward to all through your high school career is here. Let’s face it, it is super scary when you actually realize that this day has arrived. The next 24 hours are going to determine what happens in the next four years of your college life. The hours will determine your social life, your academic life. So on and so forth. As scary as all this sounds, let me assure you that this will be a test similar to the hundreds of tests you have taken in your life.


Here are some tips that will help you enjoy this day and be at your very best!


  • RELAX!

Being relaxed is the key to acing anything that comes your way. Be it an interview, or in this case a test! We all have different ways of relaxing. Find whatever and wherever you are most relaxed at and make that your happy place for the day. Among the best ways to relax is to make sure you have gotten enough sleep prior to this day. An average person requires a total of 8 hours to for optimal functioning.


  • EAT!

Its surprising how amazing food can make you feel! Personally, I am a whole new person when I eat! Eating a well-balanced meal will ensure that you have the right

energy and attitude. Make sure your food choices on the test day are healthy ones. Do not stalk up on sugars and sweets. Instead, pick out foods that are high in protein. Such foods will keep your metabolism going and give you the much energy you need for the day. Toast with peanut butter and eggs are among some of the high protein foods you could eat on the morning of the test.


  • Test Location

Imagine missing your test solely because you took the wrong turn going to the testing center? Awful, right? To avoid this or any other inconveniences, be sure you are acclimated to where exactly the test center is. Keep in mind the very crucial details, e.g. how long does it take to get there? What is the alternative route? Knowing this details beforehand will save you the worries of being late or missing the test because you could not find the place. To be safe, you could visit the test center days before your test day just so you know how to get around on the D-day. Find out what elevator you should be taking, to what floor? To what room…etc. Having such details before hand will be very helpful and could totally boost your confidence on this day!


  • Be Prepared!

Have you had days when you went to class and realized you left your pencil pouch at home? That’s ok, I’m sure you can borrow one from the kid next you. What about when you forget your homework on the due date? In most cases, you get nervous, you worry that you might not get full credit despite having worked so hard and completed your work on time. I can assure you, you do NOT want to be nervous on your test day. Account for every scenario before walking into that room. Make sure you have

1) Your admission I.D with you.

2) Your photo I.D.

3) An acceptable calculator.

4) At least a couple of pencils (No. 2).

5) An eraser.

6) Wrist watch.

7) Water bottle.

8) Snacks.


  • Dress in Layers

The temperature of the room can influence your SAT result. If you are too hot or too cold, you may have trouble concentrating. To help control the temperature, dress in layers; peel down to a t-shirt if you’re warm or add a sweatshirt if you’re cold.


  • Avoid Social Media

You probably posted an Instagram picture the day before and you want to know how many likes your gorgeous looks have accumulated. (I’m not the only one who does this or am I?!) as you scroll down the comments, one of the “mean girls” or boy has said something nasty about your new haircut, as much as it might not bother you at that given time. I’m sure there will be a time-say when you walk into the test room and wonder what everyone else is thinking about your hair cut. You surely do not need this level of negativity in your life on this day. I promise you Instagram will still be there after your tests and so will Twitter…do people still use Facebook? Well, for those who do, Facebook too will still be there!


Last but not the least, Trust yourself! Trust that you have prepared enough for this day and are going to make you and your loved ones proud!


Chin up!

Best of wishes!

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