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7 Best and Highest Paying On-Campus Jobs

Colleges are expensive. The tutoring fees combined with all the materials required (textbooks, lab equipment, etc.) and living expense can weigh down on you financially, and it might be a distraction on your priority: studying, which you obviously wouldn’t want. Therefore, it’s great to get an on-campus job.

But why exactly an ‘on-campus’ job? Well, not only will it provide you with monetary relief and help you connect to more people, it will also provide you with the safety of the college compound and more importantly, help you manage time because your work stations are very close.

So on the basis of that, we’re presenting you these top 7 on-campus jobs you can do at the comfort of your college.

  1. Library Assistant

Almost every college in the world has at least one library, so this is one surefire way that you can earn some money on-campus.

Pay is generally around $10/hour, and more if you’re a senior in the college. It’s not a difficult job; the most you’ll have to do is sort out some books and type in some database info, and/or help out the lead librarian. All that for sitting around in silence, and showing people which book is where.

Plus, this can be a great perk in itself if you love reading books, because guess what, there’s an entire library laid out in front of you. Pick a book and start reading, or if there’s homework to do, you have time for that too!

  1. Pool Lifeguard

Again, most colleges, if they fall under a university, will have a pool. This can be a great job, because once again, like the librarian one, you’re just sitting high above the world fanning yourself (well that’s what the movies tell me). The occasional actual task is telling someone not to run on the pool edges, or shouting off some classmates you have a grudge with. Works great both ways.

You might need some swimming experience for this job, but don’t worry, it’s not that hard, and there might be training spots available on-campus, which will only take a couple of hours of your time. Average pay rate is around $10/hr.

  1. Tutoring

This is a college, so there’s bound to be people who’re not-so-great with theoretical learning. Well that’s where you come in shining and smiling that golden teeth.

Have good grades? Saved up some notes from previous years? Know shortcuts to learning? Can provide flashcards or good reference books? If any of these resonate with you, then you can make good money. Simply advertise your skills around the campus (eh, get your principal/warden’s permission though), and in a week or less you have students swarming to get your attention. This job is especially good because you can choose your own schedules and request your own pay rate, but to counter that there’s the fact that you need some academic achievements. Oh well!

  1. Cafeteria Service

And like libraries, most colleges will also have a cafeteria, because there will be people flocking over from all across the country/state, and they’ll be living in dorms, where they’ll need to eat, which is once again where you come in.

This job, too, requires little to no experience, and it pays rather well. Also, of course, there’s the perk of getting a free meal, so I’d say it’s a great way to save up on some money too. And once again, if you have a grudge on someone, diarrhea can be embarrassing. Just a hint. Average pay is around $10/hr.

  1. Campus Tour Guide

We know there’s a little of Fred and George Weasley from the Harry Potter series in all of us. We like to know the ins-and-outs, the shortcuts, the “hidden” places around the compound where we study. And now here’s a job—unlike Professor Umbridge—that actually rewards you for that!

Just ask your school board to let you a job as a tour guide, and soon you’ll be showing parents, potential students, new students around the campus and boasting your intellect and your college jingoism. It’s a great job, and work’s not much (you’re just explaining things while roaming around the place), and it doesn’t take much time, so you spend more time on studying! Average pay is around $11/hr.

  1. Event Photographer

Colleges are filled with a variety of events galore! The whole year round there’ll be various events going on: speech competitions, maybe a Halloween contest, and those festivities, where of course, someone needs to take the photos, and that will be you!

Ask your school once again for this post, and then go around snapping pictures of people back and forth. That’s just it, and the perks are there. You get to take photos with your friends and literally the whole school, and you’ll see rarer sides of people and explore new things. Average pay is around $11/hr. Works especially well if you know the more-than-basics of photography.

  1. Desk Attendant

Maybe you’re someone that likes ordering people around and the lifeguard post wasn’t enough? Well, another one for you!

Seriously, though, this is a great job. You can be the guest attendant for your dormitory hall. You check people’s IDs and let them into the dorm. Or if your dorm doesn’t have that service, then there are always events, where you can check IDs and let people pass. You’ll have to work for only an hour, but you’ll get paid for the duration of the event. It doesn’t get better than that. Average pay is around $10.



Well, there you have it. Whether you just need some money for equipment or whether you’ve been living on ramen noodles for a month, every job can help you. But, the problem in most part-time jobs is that they can be really inconvenient, and even more so when you have studying to do.

So run amok (well, not literally), and get these jobs we’ve prepared for you, so that you can push the financial burden right off your shoulders, and so that your next meal will be a lobster, or a spicy steak. You deserve it!



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