What are the 7 basic points for filing H1B visa?

7 Tips for Filing H1B Visa Successfully

It is a great opportunity to be able to work in the United States. Apart from a growing economy and high wages, it is a very ideal place to nurture a career in many fields. If you are planning on getting an H1B visa to work in the USA, you will find these tips very useful.

One of the most basic things you need to be aware of is that you need to have a qualified employer. This means that you cannot just choose anyone in the bunch. Moreover, make sure that they file for an LCA as soon as possible so you will know their eligibility to hire you.

The US government also has its limits for the number of applications they receive. In other words, they have quotas. This means that every position filed add up to the tally. This suggests that you need to be fast with your application. The earlier, the better.

Once you finalize the details with your future employer, have them apply immediately and provide assistance if needed. Once you receive the go signal, immediately apply for your end too. To hasten the process, prepare the documents you need in advance while waiting for your employer to get approved.

Rack up as much work experience as you can while waiting for the application processing. Most stop work immediately at the start of the application, but this is not good if you have minimal work experience. Take advantage of the waiting time by gaining related work experience. It will help you financially as well. There are exceptions to the qualification requirements, so you can still qualify if you have highly targeted work experience and you can prove you are the best pick for the position.

As for supporting documents like your degree certificate, some cannot secure it immediate upon application. If you can just get a note from your educational institution that you have finished the degree and are just waiting for the certificate to be made, you can still submit a valid application.

7 Basic Points to Ensure for A Successful H1B Visa Application

It is not enough to just follow the steps. You also need to pay attention to the details. Make sure that you meet all the following seven points and you can rest assured your application will go through.

  1. You need to have a qualified educational background and work experience. This is the cream of the crop. You are applying for a work visa and you need to prove to the officers that no one fits the position more than you do. Thus, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree or at least 12 years of related work experience in order to qualify.


  1. The job or position you are trying to apply for should qualify as well. The position has to be specialized and must require a bachelor’s degree or advanced work experience. This further proves your eligibility to the job since the requirements are specific and targeted.


  1. The job or position you are offered should be directly related to your degree or work experience. This goes without saying since there is no point hiring someone not qualified for the position. This will put the visa application in question.


  1. There is a prevailing wage for every position on a specific geographical location. There is also the offered wage. During the application process, this will be compared and the highest one will be followed by your employer. Failure to do so will render the application invalid.


  1. One of the most important points in your application that can greatly affect the decision is the employer. It can be an individual, partnership or corporation. Although there is much freedom, it doesn’t mean any business can just sponsor. There are qualifications and your sponsor should meet these. Moreover, it is best to get a business instead of just an individual especially if it is a traceable relative. This might incite suspicion that you are just trying to enter the country and not really for work.


  1. All processing fees associated with the application should be fully and promptly paid by the employer. This is also a MUST. It is the law and there is no way you can get around this. If your sponsor asks you for money, make sure that it is in mutual agreement despite the knowledge that employers are supposed to shoulder this.


  1. Last and probably the most important tip is to follow the instructions to the dot. Make sure to prepare the documents and file the application correctly. Submit it to the appropriate USCIS office in your area. Avoid delays by keeping in touch with your employer whenever there is progress in the application.

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