steps to study in Germany

8 Steps to Apply to Study in Germany

Studying abroad is becoming a popular trend today with countries like Germany implementing low to zero tuition fees on their universities. Nothing beats getting a degree from a country known to host over 15 institutions that are ranked in the world’s top 300. In order to start your journey to studying in Germany, here is a comprehensive guide.

  1. Select a university

Go to to look over 17,000 programs offered in German educational institutions. Consider all points in your selection like the location of the school, the course you want to take, the required units to finish and many others.

  1. Take note of the admission requirements

After you choose a university, check their requirements for foreign students. If you are getting a continuing degree, make sure the school of your choice will acknowledge your past educational achievements. It might also be good to check the language requirements because some schools in the rural areas don’t require English as a main language, so most teachers and students still communicate in German.

  1. Organize your finances

Even if your program of choice has free tuition, you will still need to prepare enough money to cover your living expenses, transportation and show money. There are also other expenses like application fees and certifications. In order to get a student visa, you need to prove that you have the capacity to support yourself while studying.

  1. Apply at your university of choice

The good thing about universities nowadays is that they have their own international office for foreign students. In there, you will be guided by an officer with your application and will also be given assistance regarding your student visa. Most of the processes will be dealt in that office especially during your study period. Make sure that clearly specify your program of choice and other specifics you want to strictly follow.

  1. Get health insurance

You are required as a foreign student to get health insurance because accidents may occur anytime. This will also help you when you need to get hospitalized and have no access to immediate funds.

  1. Secure a student visa

Your school’s international office will only help you in preparing the papers you need to support your visa application. Once you get them, apply for a visa immediately since the process is prolonged sometimes.

  1. Enroll

Enrollment finalizes your application. This gives you access to the school and all the learning modules. Make sure to always have enough time to go to the offices and handle the paperwork.

  1. Settle in to German student life

The beginning will be a challenge, but over time you will eventually get used to going to your classes and walking around town. Once you find a place in the school, you can start enjoying the perks of student life in Germany.

What to Prepare Before Going to Germany

Assuming that you are good to go to Germany in the upcoming semester, there are still things you better prepare in advance before getting there. One of these is your living arrangements. If your enrollment to your school of choice does not include this, make sure you have at least places to contact. If possible, book a place in advance so all you need to do is bring your stuff and sign the lease documents. With the influx of students to most university cities, you will be lucky to find a comfortable quarters near the school. Make sure to do a lot of research on your options.

Another good thing to consider is if you want to get a part-time job. If you are and it is allowed in your program of choice, you can search for hiring positions in advance. By doing a search online for hiring ads from nearby stores and offices in your school, you can find an ideal place to apply for. You can contact the place beforehand so they can anticipate your arrival and you can start work as soon as possible. This is crucial if you are going to depend on your part-time job for living expenses.

Lastly, hold onto your ID’s. If you anticipate driving, bring along your driver’s license. You will need this as proof when you get a temporary one. Bring along other documents that you might need for purposes like applying for grants, joining clubs, work, and the like.

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