How to Become Fluent Overnight for Interview!

How to Become Fluent Overnight for Interview!

How to become fluent overnight for Interview!

So you also want an easy way to become fluent overnight for interview? Well, you are not alone. There are many who want some miracle or quick fix to get it right.  Dear friend, if you are like one of our many students, we know how you are feeling. Guess what, you can really become fluent overnight for interview. No kidding, we are serious. We can ensure that you face your interview comfortably. You are fluent before interviewers. Let’s get to the business. Either you have an interview call or you are about to get one say in next 15 days. How do you make sure that you communicate fluently during interview? Follow me.

1.Know Thyself (Resume)and know thy enemy  (Job Description)

You need to know yourself well. It may seem strange but you may not be able to talk much about yourself.  How much can you talk about your college, degree course, specialization, projects, assignments, hobbies, achievements, future plans etc. Think about it. Don’t expect that it will just pop-up during interview.  How much do you know about your company/college that you want to join? The more you know, the better you perform. What they do, how they do, who are their competitors, what do they want you to do etc.

2. Write down answers to interview questions

Now write down anything and everything that come to your mind. Write down answers to all probable questions that they can ask you.  You may ask, what’s the point in writing down the answers? I know them anyways. Well… not really. When you write down something, you bring clarity to your mind. This clarity will bring confidence and composure. Write down answer to interview questions basis your resume, job description, organization (college / company), and frequently asked interview questions. Cheers! You already know answer to most of the questions that they may ask you.

3. Let us count benefits of preparing answers

Let us count benefits of writing down answer to interview questions. When you write an answer you have time to think and use an apt word, correct grammar (may be phone a friend or use online grammar support) and mention all qualities and achievements that you possess. We tend to make mistakes under pressure of interview, preparation helps you to perform.  If you read and reread answers, you can add value with every revision. You won’t need to memorize anything as you know answers to most of the questions by heart.

4. What about being fluent overnight

Yup fluency! Now you as have answers with you, do certain activities to get into the rhythm. Like read your answers aloud. Listen to your voice and get used to it.  Say Tongue twisters aloud. e.g. “The thirty-three thieves thought that they thrilled the throne throughout Thursday.” Try saying this a few times! It’s not easy.

 5. You are ready for interview

You know answers to most of the interview questions. You remember each of them. You have checked and verified for words, grammar and usage. You know content well. You also know where to pause, where to emphasize and when to go like tracer bullet.

With these tips, we are sure you will be able to express yourself fluently in the interview. Remember, the better you prepare, the better you perform. All that you need is patience, preparation and practice. Feel welcome to send any query that you may have to




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