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Best Books to Prepare for NEET 2018


As you know about NEET, which is the greatest examination for all medical students. Since NEET 2018 is for admission to all medical colleges (with some exceptions), number of competitors will be over a million for just a few thousand seats. Students need to be prepared for scoring their best marks in the examination but it can only be done with their own hard work such as reading the best books and focusing on the syllabus. With this, any student can ace their NEET exam and surely get admitted in popular medical colleges.

Review of Exam Pattern:

Students must know about the exam pattern before studying for the exams.

Total Questions: 180

Total Marks: 720

Subjects: [Physics-45, Biology-90, Chemistry-45] Questions

Time: 3 hours

Marks per Question: 4

Students should know that there is negative marking for every incorrect answer. They must be confident before picking up the correct answer, they will face the consequence for choosing incorrect answer every time.

There are hundreds of preparation books available for NEET. However, selecting a few that cover almost all things you need is the key. Here are some books which are needed to be more focused while studying for NEET exams. The list is given below according to their subjects:


  • Biology Subject:

Students must focus on studying and covering all the main chapters from NCERT biology books [Class XI & XII] mainly. But to have a better understanding, Trueman’s biology books are better than any other reference books because it covers the main points with easy understanding. Here are some other reference biology books which are mainly recommended by the professors and students who already have written NEET exams:

  1. Trueman’s elementary biology [ vol. 1 and vol.2 ]
  2. Dinesh Objective biology
  3. Objective Biology by Pradeep’s Publication
  4. GRB Objective Biology
  5. Biology Modules by Akash
  6. Exploring Biology for NEET [ Vol.1 and Vol.2]

Apart from this there are some recommended guides which are listed below:

  1. Objective NCRET at your fingertips for NEET-Biology [ by MTG ]
  2. Complete NEET Guide: Biology [ by MTG ]
  3. 30 years Chapter wise solutions CBSE AIMPT & NEET – Biology [ by Arihant experts ]



  • Physics Subject:

With Physics subject too, while studying main focus should be given to NCERT Physics books [Class XI and XII]. Physics is part of our daily life with its concepts and facts, it is better to understand rather than forcing your brain to learn every word. The known thing about physics are their numerical, students must practice the numerical with learning all the formulas and concepts. Here are some reference books listed below which are better for more understanding:

  1. Objective Physics by Prof. Satya Prakash Arya
  2. Concept of Physics by HC Verma [ Vol.1 and Vol.2 ]
  3. Fundamental of Physics by Haliday, Resnick and Walker

Apart from this there are some recommended guides which are listed below:

  1. Objective NCERT at your fingertips for NEET- Physics [ by MTG]
  2. 30 years NEET-AIPMT Chapter wise solutions – Physics [ by Arihant experts ]
  3. 40 Days Physics for NEET [ by S.B. Tripathi ]
  4. NEET 2018 Physics Guide [ by Disha Experts ]



  • Chemistry Subject:

Chemistry is divided into three parts: physical chemistry, Organic Chemistry and Inorganic chemistry. In Chemistry, NCERT Chemistry textbooks must be followed because all the main points are covered in the NCERT books. But due to three separate regions, multiple books must be followed for better understanding such as:


For Physical Chemistry,
  1. Physical Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
  2. Physical Chemistry by P.Bahadur


 For Organic Chemistry,
  1. Organic Chemistry by Himanshu Pandey
  2. Organic Chemistry Objective by Arihant


 For Inorganic Chemistry,
  1. Inorganic Chemistry by O.P. Tandon
  2. Concise Inorganic Chemistry


Apart from this there are some recommended guides which are listed below:

  1. Objective NCERT at your fingertips for NEET – Chemistry [ by MTG ]
  2. 30 years chapter wise solutions CBSE AIMPT & NEET – Chemistry [ by Arihant experts ]
  3. Elementary Problems in Organic Chemistry [ by M.S. Chauhan and Shri Balaji Publications ]
  4. Chemistry Champion for NEET [ by MTG ]


If you read these books, then you can surely ace the exams easily. Don’t worry and keep a calm mind and study hard, Best of Luck for the exams!

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