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11 Best IELTS Preparation Books 2016-2017

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System. This is a test that is used to measure the proficiency of English language in people who aspire to have a career where English serves as the official language of communication. Basically tested in two formats General Training and Academic training, a 9 point scale is used to measure the proficiency levels of the candidates. Many books are available for preparing for the IELTS exam and we provide here brief reviews of 11 best IELTS preparation books 2016-2017.


1. The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS

Best IELTS Book Official Guide CambridgeThis guide comes with a DVD which acts as a supporting material. Being a Cambridge publication, this guide assesses all the four aspects of the language namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. This book is highly user friendly and provides all pertinent material to score a high band. While providing step by step instructions covering all the aspects, it also gives relevant tips and tricks to take the test in a highly competent manner. Primarily focusing on developing the skills of the candidates the book has 10 practice tests both for General Training as well as Academic Training. This book is highly recommended for those students whose target score is 6 and above since this guide is straight from Cambridge.


2. Barron’s IELTS Superpack 2016 Edition

Best IELTS Books Barrons SuperpackBarron’s Superpack, an excellent and valuable set of materials includes the fundamental IELTS manual with MP3 CD, the IELTS Practice Exams book with two audio CDs, the IELTS Strategies and Tips booklet with MP3 CD, and finally the Essential Words for the IELTS guide.

The IELTS manual details each section of the exam, provides useful strategies, tips, and techniques for each of the four sections. It also provides sample exercises with answers, helping to build up the skills to compelte the sample practice exams of the set. The IELTS Essential Words manual provides reading and listening sample practice exercises. The vocabulary is sufficient in a manner that no extra learning is necessary. MP3 CDs are very  useful for the listening section of the test.


3. Ace the IELTS: IELTS General – How to Maximize Your Score

Best IELTS Books Ace IELTS

This book can definitely increase IELTS General Module scores. The author has covered every module of the test and covered the unique techniques and tips to fight the test. ACE the IETS provides a full-length IELTS sample test and links to online practice tests.It is trusted by a number of test-takers, this is a simple yet effective book for the IELTS General Module.


4. Barron’s Essential Words for the IELTS With MP3 CD

Best IELTS Books Barrons Essential WordsOne of the best books for English Vocabulary is Barron’s Essential Words for the IELTS.It contains 600 English words that frequently appear on IELTS exams, exercises on how to derive the meanings of new words from the context, techniques for analyzing and learning word meanings.Latest 2014 edition has added listening comprehension exercises accompanied in the MP3 CD.


5. Cambridge IELTS 10

Cambridge IELTS 10 This version of the IELTS series targets to familiarize students with the IELTS examination techniques through a highly authentic course material. The test makers belonging to the Cambridge Press have prepared this test material using their past experience with similar test materials and prevalent test strategies. The additional modules provided for writing and reading tests for the General training is very useful to the candidates going in for this type of training. The Academic module provides four tests that are complete in nature to equip the candidates to score high in a strategic manner. The familiarity this book provides to the testing aspect of IELTS makes this a must have one with all candidates.


6. New Insights In IELTS

New Insight into IELTS Workbook with AnswersThis is exactly the right book for all those students who want to prepare and practice for their IELTS exams in a comprehensive manner. This book makes the students ready to face the exams with high confidence levels by providing in depth insight into every test paper both task type-wise as well as test techniques-wise. The descriptive details pertain to the introduction to tests suits studies in the classroom as well as the self study model. Fitting in for both General Training as well as Academic Training students who are at Band 6, this book is the perfect one to study to score a band higher than 6.


7. Target Band 7: IELTS Academic Module – How to Maximize Your Score

[] ielts-target-band-7

This is basically a self study material that targets to make students score higher than band 7 within a short span of time. The book contains loads and loads of advice, techniques, tips and strategies to increase the efficiency and task solving capabilities of the students. It also prevents students from doing mistakes that are typical to such exams.


8. Cambridge IELTS 11

ielts preparation books

This being the latest version of the Cambridge IELTS series, it serves the students taking IELTS exams by reflecting the original tests being the most updated of all the versions. It contains detailed and dedicated sections providing samples and model writing tasks to the students to make them thorough on this aspect. There is a detailed section for tape scripts that contains answers also. The four comprehensive tests for the Academic or general training ensures that students get trained from end to end so their scoring band levels are high.


9. English Grammar In Use

englisgGrammaarinUSe,jpegThis book published by Cambridge University Press has been authored by Raymond Murphy and is actually the fourth edition. Highly useful for the intermediate and advance level students, it is basically a practice book that offers complete reference to self study. It has 136 two-page units covering variety of extra practice exercises for strengthened learning which encompasses all aspects of English grammar. This is another must have book for all those students who wants to fly high with whooping scores.


10. English Collocations In Use

English Collocations In UseSounding like a native English speaker plays a crucial role for scoring high in the intermediate level IELTS course. With a variety of topics covered under a 60 lessons syllabus, every lesson trains students with practice and theory exercises which are of two pages in size. Nearly 1500 collocations get covered in this book equipping the inter-mediate level students thoroughly to clear the level with flying scores.


11. English Vocabulary In Use

english-vocabulary-in-use-upper-intermediate-book-with-answersThis is one of the best books for those IELTS students who want to lift up their vocabulary skills. The current edition is an upper intermediate one while the series is one of best reference for elementary and advance level practice. To make the students thorough, creative follow up activities are provided against every new vocabulary learnt. New vocabulary references are provided across 3000 pages spread into 100 units. This book is highly useful for learners to consolidate their existing vocabulary as well as well as adding more wealth to the same. Cross band 7 using this book can master the abundantly rich vocabulary sources provided.


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