my GRE experience

Tips From My GRE Test Experience

This is the test taking experience of New GRE submitted by a GRE taker. You can read other GRE takers’ experience here. There are two important things to understand about the GRE: It is not so difficult a test that it cannot be cracked with some effort and the right attitude. There is no single way ... »

GRE Reading Passage

7 Tips & Tricks for GRE Reading Comprehension

GRE reading comprehension block usually consists of long and short passages that are followed by questions. Each passage normally comes with 4-6 questions. In order to effectively use your time, you should aim to spend about 3 minutes reading and 1 minute answering. The following are methods that wi... »

Decide GRE or GMAT

GRE or GMAT – How To Select?

Hey there, you GMAT/ GRE soldiers! After the dissection of the two main parts of GMAT and GRE (GRE Maths Vs. GMAT Math and GRE Verbal Vs. GMAT Verbal), it is time now to discuss the factors one should consider before choosing. Though I do not consider myself a perfect strategist, I could share with ... »

compare GRE GMAT Verbal

GRE Verbal Vs. GMAT Verbal

Hey guys, After the dissection of the quantitative parts of GRE and GMAT, it is time to check out the verbal ones so you could make an informed decision about your exam (and respectively your future, but don’t freak out! This is also a study and exam day strategy number one). While the quantitative ... »

GRE GMAT MATH differences

GRE Math Vs. GMAT Math

Today we will talk about the biggest villain of the average student – math. How to survive math if we want a graduate degree? As I have already mentioned in this article, the most important thing for an outstanding application is to build a perfect strategy. And math is a huge part of this strategy.... »

GRE GMAT Compare


Hey there, you proud graduate students-to-be, Since you are here, you are probably in front of your biggest decision up to this moment and, I don’t want to sound scary, but brace yourselves, hard times are coming! Getting into University marks your professional, emotional path and your life in gener... »

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