Curricular Practical Training

apply CPT on F1 visa

How to Apply for CPT on F1 Visa

Hi guys, after we discussed what CPT is and what are the requirements for a student to take one, we are now going to discuss the application process and the steps one should walk in before he is authorized to perform a CPT. There are some key terms we need to clear before pointing out the steps need... »

CPT requirements

Understanding CPT and its Requirements

Hey guys, Today we will discuss the CPT, and we are not talking about medicine here. CPT or curricular practical training is a right to every student with F-1 status, and it is a way to boost your finances and/ or resume and portfolio while studying because we all know it is a tough period. CPT coul... »


4 Main Differences between CPT and OPT

When you are an international student and you want to gain financial freedom (hashtag workworkwork) and/ or work experience, you have two options: the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and the Optional Practical Training¬†(OPT). Both are quite similar, although there are some differences and restri... »