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11 Quick Tips to Build a Strong Vocabulary

Learning new words in a language can be fun when you involve people and things around you. You can express your thoughts better by learning innumerable words with different meanings & use. However, improving your vocabulary is a fantastic goal and can be achieved easily with regular practice. If... »

Word Of The Day – YEN

Word Of The Day – YEN

Short Definition : strong desire; longing; urge; Definition: (noun) a yearning for something or to do something (noun) the basic unit of currency in Japan (verb) have a desire for something or someone who is not present Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1.Yen It sounds like young. Normally young... »

Word Of The Day – COGENT

Word Of The Day – COGENT

Definition: (adj) powerfully persuasive (adj) (of an argument or case) clear, logical, and convincing. Mnemonic Video: Mnemonics: 1.cogent – gent – a gentle person is always the right person to convince others. 2. co+agent. Cooperative agents make cogent suggestions. 3. CO & GENT, tw... »


Word Of The Day – ESOTERIC

Definition: (adj) confined to and understandable by only an enlightened inner circle Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. ESOTERIC sounds like HISTORIC and history incidents/things are known to few people. 2. ESOTERIC sounds like Estrogen, which is a female hormone.We all know that females are H... »

lord krishna

Word Of The Day – ATAVISM

Definition: (noun) a reappearance of an earlier characteristic Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. by ATAVISM you can remember AVATAR, i.e. you are an avatar(incarnation) of one of your ancestors. 2. ATAVISM is a reappearance of an earlier characteristic. Lord Krishna is avatar of Lord Rama. 2.... »


Word Of The Day – REPUDIATE

Definition: (verb) cast off (verb) refuse to acknowledge, ratify, or recognize as valid (verb) refuse to recognize or pay (verb) reject as untrue, unfounded, or unjust   Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. Break Repudiate as: re (reject) + pudi (pudding-a sweet dish given after meal) + ate... »


Word Of The Day – ZANY

ZANY Short Definition : comic; crazy; N: clown; comical person (given to outlandish behavior) Definition: (noun) a buffoon in one of the old comedies; imitates others for ludicrous effect (noun) a man who is a stupid incompetent fool (adj) ludicrous, foolish (adj) like a clown Pronunciation: Mnemoni... »


Word Of The Day – PALPITATE

PALPITATE Definition: (verb) (of the heart) beat rapidly, strongly, or irregularly. Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. palpitate – Break it as pal+pit Your pal or friend fell on a pit, as a result your heart started to BEAT RAPIDLY 2. palpitate – Break it as  pulse + agitate Heart ... »


Word Of The Day – MACABRE

MACABRE Definition: (adj) shockingly repellent; disturbing and horrifying because of depiction of death and injury. Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. In Hindi language it sounds like the word makbara. A place where people are either buried or burnt, and it is a ghostly and horrified place to ... »

Word Of The Day – LACHRYMOSE

Word Of The Day – LACHRYMOSE

Definition: (adj) showing sorrow Mnemonic Video: Mnemonics: 1. Break lachrymose  – lac+chry(cry)+mose(most), so when you cry most you produce ‘tears’. You produce tears when you are sad. 2. Tear glands in our eyes are also known as lachrymal glands .So they are the ones that make y... »


Word Of The Day – SANGUINE

SANGUINE [sang-gwin]   Definition: (noun) a blood-red color   (adj) optimistic or positive, cheerful especially in a bad or difficult situation.   Pronunciation:   Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. Rhyme like penguin penguins are very cheerful and hopeful. 2. break it like sang + vine, y... »

Word Of The Day – KILLJOY

Word Of The Day – KILLJOY

Killjoy Definition: (noun) someone who spoils the pleasure of others, spoilsport Pronunciation: Mnemonic / Pictionary: 1. Break it up..kill+joy……. kill here means spoil others joy means…..to spoil other’s pleasure…. »

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