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Top 12 College Application Mistakes To Avoid- MUST READ!

The saying, “First Impression is the Best Impression” holds good for everything under the sun, including the admission process for getting admitted in a college of your choice. The first step towards getting admitted in your favorite college is sending the filled application form to the admission authorities of the college. Filling an admission form can be stressful for any candidate. The application form is the main source for the admission authorities of a college to determine how worthy a candidate is to get admitted in their college. So, the students must be very careful while filling out the application form and should try all possible ways to present them in the best possible light.

Filling out an admission form is a test in itself. In a year, colleges receive several application forms but only few students get admitted in the colleges. It means only few application forms clear the test of the admission authorities and the rest of the application forms get rejected. An application form gets rejected for not just one reason but due to a combination of factors and not all factors are in the control of the applicants.However, a few common mistakes made by many applicants can be avoided by being careful of the information given in the application forms. Here is the list of 12 common mistakes made by the applicants while filling out the application forms.


1. Not Reading Instructions Carefully

The applicants do not read the instructions given in the application form carefully and tend to commit mistakes. The applicants must make sure that they read and understand the instructions clearly before filling the application form.


2. Providing Incorrect Personal Information

The applicants provide incorrect personal information such as wrong email ids and incorrect addresses or phone numbers. The applicants should provide correct information so that the college authorities can reach them when needed, without any difficulty.


3. Failing to Run a Spell Check or Proofread the Application Form

The applicants fail to run a spell check and proofread their application. The applicant should always ask an adult family member, teacher or a counselor to proofread the information given in the application form before sending it to the admission authorities of a college.


4. Failing to Mention about Extracurricular Activities

The applicants fail to explain about their achievements in extracurricular activities, thinking that those achievements do not hold any importance. A candidate should provide detailed information about his/her interests in a particular activity as it will only increase the chances of him/her getting admitted in the college.


5. Sending Untidy Application Forms

The applicants fold the application several times to make it fit in a small envelope. The application form must always be sent in a legal sized envelope. Further, the applicant must make sure to use high quality paper and printer to print the application and important documents like resume, statement of purpose etc.


6. Writing Plagiarized Essays

If the application form requires an essay to be written by the applicant, the applicant simply send the copied essay from the internet. The admission authorities are highly knowledgeable and can easily find out which essay is original and which one is plagiarized.


7. Sending Forms Post the Due Date

Many applicants send out the application forms post the due date. The chances for such application forms to be considered are very minimal. Hence, don’t wait until the last date and try to send out the application form a couple of days before the due date.


8. Filling Forms using Pencil

Many applicants use a pencil or a poor quality pen for filling out the application forms. Always use a high quality blue or black ball point pen to fill out the application form.


9. Asking Parents to Fill the Application Form

 Many application forms are filled by the parents of the applicants instead of the applicants. The admission authorities have vast experience in dealing with the application forms and it will not take a minute for them to find out whether the application is filled by a student or by a parent. So, the applicants should always fill the forms themselves. If the applicant is not confident, he/she can fill the application form in the guidance of a parent or teacher.


10. Mentioning Unworthy Activities as Hobbies

Many students mention listening to music or talking to friends as a hobby or interest. These activities are not worthy activities to mention on application forms. The hobbies that should be mentioned in the application forms must be worthy activities like reading, writing, etc.


11. Not Printing Name and Page Numbers on Attachments

It is very normal for documents like resume, statement of purposes and MBA essays to have multiple pages. The candidates must make sure to print their name as well as page numbers in order to reduce any confusion and use clips to separate out such documents from each other.


12. Not Following Best Practices for File Nomenclature

Nowadays, a large number of universities require online application submission. While sending an online application, a candidate must make sure to use appropriate file names for important documents such as statement of purpose, application essays, and CV. For example, Resume_Name_Date.pdf, SOP_Name_Date.doc etc.


If applicants take care of the above mentioned common mistakes, they can increase their chances of getting admitted in their favorite colleges and avoid the common mistakes while filling out the application forms that might get their application rejected.


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