Is it attainable for a human TOEFL score to decrease between exams?  

Prerna Gangwal
Active Member

I detected that if you are taking TOEFL communicating many time your score can ne'er decrease. Is it correct?It appears rational, if TOEFL may be a normal check, its issue level ought to be equal altogether exams. as an example if in your initial attempt you get twenty eight in reading and it shows your sensible talent in reading, it is not rational that ETS assign a lower score in sequent exams.I took communicating for second time when 10 days of my initial try. I feel the reading section was more durable than my previous communicating. If TOEFL may be a normalized communicating, its analysis of my talent in reading shouldn't be attenuated in such short amount.

Posted : June 11, 2017 1:43 am


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