1,000 GRE Vocab Words List  

Ajay Prakash
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Hi Team, 

I've memorized the recommended 1,000 vocab words. I haven't reviewed the prefix and suffix list (please suggest if I should). I was under the assumption that if I familiarized myself with all 1,000 vocab words, I would have little trouble with the verbal questions. For each question, I assumed that there would be a mix of words from the recommended 1,000 vocab list and from outside of that deck. With that, I thought that even if I saw words that I didn't recognize, I would be able to infer if that unknown word could potentially be correct based on the other words that I did recognize. Unfortunately, I saw several questions with several words that I did not recognize. This concerns me. Am I missing something? Is this expected? Any suggestions to more effectively approach questions with vocab words that we've never seen? 

I appreciate your time. Many thanks!

Posted : June 2, 2017 12:20 am


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