GRE Text Completion Question - Jul 28, 2017  


It cannot be denied that without creative reasoning it would not have been possible to (i)____ of classical physics. Yet classical physics has no contribution to make to the understanding of (ii)_____. This kind of (iii)____ is surprisingly common in logic as well as in life.


Blank (i)
A. dispute the value 
B. lay the foundations 
C. understand the basics
Blank (ii)
D. creative reasoning 
E. other sciences
F. the arts
Blank (iii)
G. circular reasoning 
H. inflexibility 
I. symmetry

Correct Answer: BDI




The word �yet� is the main clue. It indicates an opposite. Start with the first blank and eliminate choice A. You can also get rid of choice C since you can understand the basics of physics without creative reasoning. Now to form the opposite we can choose D for the second blank. Now we paraphrase what we have: creative reasoning was needed to get classical physics started, but classical physics can�t help us understand creative reasoning. Then we can select the final option. The statements we have so far are parallel constructions (a sort of symmetry) and are not inflexible.



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