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Hi there,
I'm close to take TOEFL iBT and I had some questions in mind:

1- Passages. Can I go back to the passage in the time frame of 20 minutes? Or is it a one sweep and only questions after?

2- The listening section. Do I have to write down what I'm about to say or do I speak from my head directly to the listener?

3- Some passages are reported to be very long for the timeframe per passage and its questions. Is there a strategy to tackle this?

4- In Barron's TOEFL iBT by Pam Sharpe, she mentions that the first few questions of any section are a mark each, and the last question is usually the one with more than a mark. What's the maximum mark for a last question in each section?

5- In your opinion, should I use Barron's or Kaplan's TOEFL book? I have both but tick tock tick tock, and I've went ahead 87 pages in Barron's. Should I revert to Kaplan? I hear alot of people denouncing it...

Posted : May 31, 2017 5:00 am
Kamal Jain
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1) You don't actually go "back" to the reading passages. The reading passage remains on HALF of your screen for the entire time while the question you are working on appears on the other half. The only exception would be the chart question, which fills the entire screen. For this one (the last in the set), you must click on a button to go back and forth between the chart and the passage.

2) I think you mean the SPEAKING section. You don't speak in the listening section but rather listen to conversations and questions and then answer multiple-choice questions. ON the speaking question, you ARE given preparation time prior to speaking (00:15 on the first two questions, 00:30 on the middle two, and 00:30 on the final two).

3) YES! You don't need to read the entire 700-word passage to work on the individual questions. Just preview: read the first sentence of each paragraph, and then start attacking the individual questions.

4) The last question will be worth 2 points if it is a SUMMARY chart and worth 3 or 4 points if it is a SCHEMATIC (category) chart.

5) In my opinion, you should use neither the Kaplan nor the Barron's book. Look for the "Complete Guide--ibt Edition" by Bruce Rogers.

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thank you

Posted : June 1, 2017 7:25 am


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