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This is the GMAT experience submitted by a GMAT taker. You can read other tips from GMAT experience here.

I am a working mom and I finally took the GMAT after postponing my test date several times. My overall score was 720 (Quant = 50, Verbal = 37, IR = 3, AWA = 5)


I had joined preparatory classes but I could not take the test for over a year due to personal commitments. When I started to work on the Official Guide, I realized I had forgotten the basics. I listened to video recordings and retook verbal modules to brush up. I practiced Sentence Correction questions more because I found them difficult. I was advised to focus on Quant and to practice time management. Just before the exam, I took some time off work and requested my family to help. After an analysis of my errors, my score increased to 740 on mock tests.


I reached the test venue on time and completed the AWA and IR sections. I found that the IR questions were more difficult than those on the mock tests. I was not able to manage my time efficiently, so I guessed the answers to a few questions. Perhaps that’s why I got a low score of 3.

I was able to finish the Quant section 5 minutes early because it was easy. I rested for those extra 5 minutes. During my break, I created a grid for the Verbal section with A, B, C, D, and E.

I found the Verbal section more difficult than the GMAT Preps, but I was able to complete it on time.


  • Do not push the date of your test because you feel inadequately prepared. If you have a date in mind, you will manage your time to complete your preparations in that period.
  • Refer to Official Guides only because the usage of some terms was incorrectly given as acceptable in GMAT, whereas it is not.
  • Approach your mentor (if any) to help you with your preparation strategy. Use all the reliable resources you can find.
  • Using scratchpads similar to GMAT helps you acquaint yourself with test conditions and allows you to learn how to optimally use the space. So, you do not have to waste time asking for a new scratchpad during the test.

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