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GRE or GMAT – How To Select?

Hey there, you GMAT/ GRE soldiers!

After the dissection of the two main parts of GMAT and GRE (GRE Maths Vs. GMAT Math and GRE Verbal Vs. GMAT Verbal), it is time now to discuss the factors one should consider before choosing. Though I do not consider myself a perfect strategist, I could share with you some insights of how I made my choice.

Firstly, one should think about the major and university first, not the particular exam. If you want to study engineering/ physics/ social sciences you have no dilemma – GRE is your choice. If you want to pursue an MBA, there is like 90% probability that you need to take the GMAT. However, if you feel that math is not your superpower, firstly, think for yourself whether you should continue walking the dream towards the MBA because even if you somehow nail the exam, there will be a decent amount of math-related studies afterward. So, this is the first thing – think deep – what are you good in, what could you learn with enthusiasm and what could you work to the rest of my life without getting bored? If you are lucky enough, you already know the answer.

Second thing, check the universities and major requirements regarding the exams. In the best case, you don’t have a dilemma, because they mostly accept with the one or the other. However, there are exceptions because there are universities that accept with both exams.

And, if you still haven’t decided yet, some more factors are coming your way:

Budget – GMAT’s fee is $250 versus $195 for the GRE. Although this is maybe not a huge difference for the average American, I have to tell you that in several countries it matters a lot. When making your budget take into account resources for books and manuals, courses and tutoring (although there are a lot of free resources you could give a shot). For some internationals this is a big investment, but consider it as an investment in your future.

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. As choosing a life path, one should be familiar with its pros and cons in order to make an informed and right decision. Math genius and potential businessman – go into the deep with the GMAT. Walking thesaurus – the GRE is yours (but invest some time into math, because it is not a baby game, at least it wasn’t for me). I have to tell you, it required some time for me to understand that the GRE math wasn’t about solving math questions, but rather about using logic and looking for patterns. Somebody misuse “their”, “there”, and “they’re” and you are like “I roll my eyes so hard I can’t even”? If this is combined with strong math and logic skills go for the GMAT, you have potential.

If you have already considered all these factors, you should go for the next step and take the free exam both institutions offer on their websites. This is maybe the best way to choose. And, don’t be discouraged with the results, whichever they are – you will now know when you should work harder during your prep. Check your university requirements about the average test score a successful candidate should obtain. Make a study schedule, follow your progress, eat healthily, and take decent amount of sleep. This is something like the prep for the Olympics. Go for it, champs, your dreams are waiting!

Jenny is a wanderer currently located in Eastern Europe (Bulgaria). For her 30 years, she somehow became a data research analyst, a market and social research expert, a tourist guide, and a volunteer. She is also a daughter, sister, cat and dog owner. She loves traveling, exploring nature, she is a fan of healthy eating (certified expert), yoga, equal rights, contemporary art, and literature. Most importantly, she is one of you. For the past two years she is making her way to US Ph.D., taking multiple courses, GRE, TOEFL, applying for scholarships, writing essays, applications, and living this intense daily routine you will experience from now on. Remember, you are not alone in this - she is open to any questions and discussion and will be here if you need any help with this long and bumpy road you are taking.

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