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How To Write Statement Of Purpose?

Writing a personal statement or statement of purpose is one of the most important step in the application process. This article will give you some guidelines on how to write Statement Of Purpose, what should be the structure of SOP, language of SOP,  font style, font size and length of SOP.

Structure of Statement Of Purpose

The first half of SOP should talk about you, the program/course you are applying and the reason you want to pursue it; while the other half should talk about your abilities, experiences, future and how you fit in the program.

The structure SOP can be split into the following portions:

1. Beginning of Statement Of Purpose:

The start of SOP should be unique and interesting. The beginning is very important because it tells whether your SOP is interesting or dull or  as usual common. If the beginning does not catch the reader’s attention, reader may not continue reading further or may get bored. Some people prefer to start with a quote from a famous person and then mention how they implement or follow the quote in their real life with examples.

  • Paragraph 1: Introduction to the program you are applying and why you are interested in the program and the university.

2. Main Body:

Here you should write about your experiences in life which are related to the subject major you have applied for. Mention about your skills, expertise, and background to give reader an idea about your strengths and interests. You should give in-depth details of your academic performance only if it is extraordinary. By sharing an interesting story from your academics, projects, exams or internship, you can impress the reader here.

  • Paragraph 2: What extra you have done related to your subject, any field work or project related work story showing your keen interest in the subject field.
  • Paragraph 3 & 4: Work experiences, co-curricular activities or volunteering at your school.
  • Paragraph 5: Your interests outside school articulating that you are a reliable and responsible person and possess good leadership skills.


In the end you have to state the purpose of why you want to join the university and your future goals in both short and long-term. Your conclusion has to be catchy and attractive similar to your beginning paragraph, so that the admission committee may remember your application and recommend you.

  • Paragraph 6: Your goal of attending the University, future aim and a memorable closing statement.


The above are a few guidelines as to how to write your SOP. A good SOP largely depends on how you articulate your abilities, personality and experiences.

Language of Statement Of Purpose

Always try to be as original as possible and refrain yourself from copying words from SOPs available online. If the admission committee finds you of plagiarism, your application may get rejected.

You have to use your language in such a way that the reader perceives you as an enthusiastic and interesting person. However, there should be no arrogance in your tone and pretense. Show respect to the reader as they are the professors of a reputed university.

Don’t try to fit in extra irrelevant words just to make it long because it will make your SOP difficult to read. Short and simple sentences are always preferred.

Font Style and Font Size

SOP is a formal statement, which is read by academic professors or the admission committee. Therefore, do not use a fancy font style which cannot be read properly. If instructions are not given in the prospectus, please use Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri. The font size should not be more than 12 and the text color has to be black to give a professional look. Remember, the professors on admission committee are mostly old, so refrain from using very small font i.e. below 10.

Length of Statement Of Purpose

Many universities specify the size/word limit of the SOP. You should keep a check on how many words are there in your statement. Never exceed the word limit. If the specified length is from 500-1000 words you may extend it to 1050 in certain situations, but not more. It is because a very long SOP tends to bore the reader. The typical length of SOP is two A4 size pages having 1000 words with a normal font size.

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