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This is the IELTS score experience submitted by an IELTS taker. You can read other IELTS takers’ experience here.

I took the IELTS in January 2017 after a 45-day preparatory period using the official books: IELTS 5, 6, 7, 8.


Practice listening closely without losing concentration as you may get the answers wrong if you wander. I wasn’t listening well enough in the middle of section two and it may have cost me some points.


Again, it is important to focus on the message in the article. You do not need to analyze the passages like you would do on GMAT. Do not make your own inferences from the passage.


This segment was my weakness. I did practice a lot, but I did not receive a score of 7 as per my expectations. To understand how the examiners grade an answer, look at sample answers and the examiner’s comment with it. Use the same logic to grade your own practice answers.


This segment is ignored by most candidates, which is not advisable. To practice, switch on the audio recorder and record your answers to sample questions. I used questions from IELTS 7 and IELTS 8 to practice this section. Play back your answer and note how you timed it, whether you made any grammatical mistakes, and whether you stammered.

Grading is done on a scale of 1 to 9, called “bands.” I wanted to score a minimum band of 7 in all the segments, with an overall band of 7. My results:

Listening: 8.5

Reading: 7.5

Writing: 6.5

Speaking: 7

Overall: 7

I was excited to find that I had scored an overall band of 7. I hadn’t expected to receive above band 7 in Listening and Reading. However, I was disappointed with Writing because I had expected to score at least band 7 since I had practiced so much. But I did not re-take the test because my overall band of 7 was enough to secure admission to my chosen college.

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