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MBA Essay Sample #1

This is a MBA Essay Sample, which was used to secure MBA admission in a very reputed university in the U.S.

Leadership Qualities / Extra-Curricular Activities Participation

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comforts and convenience, but where he stands at the times of challenge and controversy”. Leadership is the ability of an individual to give guidance to other with full motivation and inspiration to complete the given mission or task. Education, training and personal experience plays an important role in creating leadership qualities in an individual. During my engineering, I have lived, studied and worked with people from many cultures and different states. Through them, I have gained an understanding of the dynamics of multicultural groups. Now I have full confidence that I can work equally well with people from different backgrounds and places irrespective of their ethnicity. In a team environment, I play a very flexible role, either following if someone else has a better knowledge of the subject matter or leading if I am an expert on the topic. If the topic is new to me, I like to ask questions and if I am an expert, I offer my expertise to my teammates. I was an active member of student forum XXXX in the Department of XXXX for four years, where I got an opportunity to interact with my seniors and juniors. I never hesitated to ask questions from my seniors and to offer my service to juniors in the department. To help my team to achieve its goal, I always like to make a list of the topics that are essential for the given task so that the team members stay focused and on track. This helps our team to avoid spending time on irrelevant issues and helps to meet deadlines. This approach proved to be successful when I was the head of publicity and sponsorship team for the technical and cultural events XXXX and XXXX in XXXX. I played a crucial role in planning, organizing and managing various events in the inter-collegiate fests. I volunteered in many community services, while I was a member of XXXX for four years. I firmly believe that in addition to discipline and supportive nature, extraordinary problem solving ability, team-building activities are needed to become an effective leader. Ability to manage disputes and the conflicts is very crucial for a good leader. One should not forget belief, ethics and values while leading others for a purpose. I have no doubt that, apart from strengthening my analytical skills and knowledge of finance, XXXX’s education will greatly enhance my communication and leadership skills.



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