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This is the GMAT experience submitted by a GMAT taker. You can read other GMAT takers’ experience here.

I want to share my GMAT experience with all of you as I have been a member of this community for very long.


I completed my studies two days ahead of the exam. The day before the exam, I reviewed my outlines of the two essays—Analysis of Issue and Analysis of Argument. I visited the test venue and noted the time taken to reach it. I chose the outfit I would wear to the test and gathered the necessary supplies:

  • ID proof – passport
  • Appointment letter
  • Bars of chocolate
  • Water bottle

I cooked a meal to help myself relax, chatted with my wife and friends, and took a good night’s sleep.


I woke up early, exercised, and left home. I reached the test venue too early at 8:25 a.m., whereas the exam was to begin at 9:30 a.m. I wasn’t allowed inside until 8:45 a.m. and had to wait outside in the rain.

Once inside, I placed my belongings in the locker provided. I made a digital signature and got my palms scanned. The exam venue was comfortable, with temperature-controlled rooms and good chairs and PCs.


I worked through the info screens quickly. I had prepared for the Analytical Writing Assessment section by writing 7 essays of both types. My topics were easy. I completed the Analysis of Argument with 4 minutes to spare and the Analysis of Issue with 8 minutes to spare.


I took a break after finishing the essays. I did this section well until I began hesitating when I got an easy question like this:

cuberoot (64)/squareroot (16) = ?

However, I had adequate time left to review my answers.


I took another break here and ate some chocolate.

I had prepared meticulously. However, for almost half of the critical reasoning and sentence correction questions, I could not decide between the two most credible answers. In practice tests, I usually had 10-15 minutes left over. This encouraged me to review the questions more slowly. I was mentally exhausted by the time I had reached the last two questions.

I did not expect to score well in the Quantitative and Verbal sections. I was surprised to see my results:

Quant – 50 (i.e. 93%)
Verbal – 44 (i.e. 97%)
Overall – 760 (i.e. 99%)
I had received the same score in my GMAT Prep I retake and I think it is a good predictor of one’s final score.

Satabdi is a content writer and editor with degrees in Biology and English. Her interests include education, health and wellness, and books. When not writing, she can usually be found reading in a corner.

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