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Sample Statement Of Purpose #2

This is a sample statement of purpose (sample SOP), which was used to secure MS admission in a very reputed university in the U.S.

I firmly believe in the powerful message that, every endeavor that a man can undertake has its own time and meaning. Looking back at my own life I see different seasons as stages of growth that have helped me to understand my own potential and the path that I wish to take in life. I feel that I have been deeply inspired and influenced by my highly professionally qualified parents and relatives, and now I wish to apply the valuable lessons that I have gained to where I feel is my true calling. Now is the season to explore the fascinating world of finance, and to finally make my dream a reality.


I yearn for a value-based profession so as to bring dynamic changes in the society and my country as a whole. I aim to be creatively involved in designing and help structure financial by-products through incorporation of cutting edge methodologies and sophisticated tools. I am particularly interested in gaining exposure in the latest practices adopted in financial engineering and risk management, which I believe I would get while working with an investment bank or a treasury of a commercial bank. I keenly desire to bring back the expertise gained, back to my country and its economy, and contribute my bit to the heritage of excellent achievements.



Intricate learning of the course material and beyond has always been my passion. Thorough and profound knowledge in mathematics and engineering degree has instilled in me scientific temperament to the core. I believe that finance engineering is a highly technical field and needs highly specialized approach. I further believe that for meticulous understanding of this dynamic field, finance professionals should possess technical expertise and outlook to bring out the actual brilliance and innovative aspect of this course. A finance professional having a substantial and in-depth knowledge of mathematics, would surely have a leading edge over others, and significantly contribute towards excellence and intense research. My extensive knowledge of mathematics and engineering qualifications combined would prove beneficial while dealing with the strenuous curriculum of the course. Besides, right from the beginning I intrinsically cultivated my computer skills to have a specialized perspective in my filed of interest so as to contribute unequivocally.


World economy is growing at the fastest pace, and my inquisitive innovative mind, sees ample opportunities in developing newer tools, instruments and methodologies in the filed of financial management. The challenging environment fascinates me and I eagerly wait to contribute, evolving, meaningful and analytical solution to various problems of finance. To satisfy my yearning desire, a master’s degree from the right institute would endow me with right research skills and expertise in financial strategies and global corporate financial operations.


My family has always stressed a need to have a value-based education. Acquiring a professional degree is not enough for me; I intend to use my skills to serve my country and its people in an effective way. I aim to do varied researches and develop new mathematical models so as to serve as a far sighted financial analyst and extending a developing hand to the financial sector of my country. Being determined by nature, I am ready for a new leap in my career, in hope that the quality of effort that I put in will result in gaining of high quality knowledge.


An inside knowledge in the field would help me learn the techniques of stabilizing and reducing risks. The best possible supervisors and a highly competitive atmosphere are necessary for receiving this kind of quality education, and my reasonable decision leads me to your University. Need of the hour in the fast developing economy like India is a well researched financial analyst, and I want to fulfill my country’s professional requirement to the best of my capability. The facilities, tradition of your University, combined with the high caliber student’s body make me confident that I will be stimulated throughout the course of study. The quality of faculty, flexibility of the masters program, the diverse areas of ongoing research, the carefully designed depth and breadth of the course, cultural diversity, seem to me as the right ambience to nurture my interest and work towards my goals.



With high enthusiasm I look forward to a career in financial engineering where I can, not only use my academic background to achieve my research goals, but also make substantial contributions to my field of interest and to mankind in general. My strengths are strong academic background, sense of teamwork, integrity and ability to put in sustained quality effort consistently. It is my desire to have a mutually beneficial association with your University and to contribute my best to the field of financial engineering. I am aware that your University has high standards for admitting students to its masters program. I believe that academic credentials together with my research interests and potential would help me gain admission to the esteemed department of financial engineering at your University.


I am sure that masters program from your University can channelize my capabilities and enable me to come up with new initiations in finance field. I would consider it an honor if I could study at your renowned institution, and assure you that I will put in my utmost effort into the domain of financial engineering.



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