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Sample Statement Of Purpose #1

This is a sample statement of purpose (sample SOP), which was used to secure MBA admission in a very reputed university in the U.S.


I firmly believe in the statement “To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal”. I have a strong restless desire to work as a financial analyst where I can, not only use my academic background to achieve my research goals, but also make substantial contributions to the global economy.  In the present scenario of economic turmoil, I am still bullish about the global market. The challenging environment fascinates me and encourages me to evolve meaningful and analytical solution to various problems of finance.


I pursued my undergraduate degree at the prestigious XXXX College of Engineering and secured XX% marks with First class distinction. I secured XXth rank among XX students from all over India in XXXX Entrance Test, which is a very competitive annual exam conducted for the admission to various engineering colleges. During my coursework, I was able to improve my quantitative abilities along with the skills in the areas of computer programming and gain a better understanding of computer networks, software, databases and operating environments. I saw how mathematics and computer programming go hand in hand to provide solutions to practical research problems.


Strong quantitative skills, familiarity with the computer applications gained during my engineering coursework, have helped me to develop sharp analytical abilities and given me the confidence to tackle problems on micro and macro level. In addition, the knowledge gained while preparing for XXXX exam has helped me to understand the basic structure of market and economy. I passed my XXXX exam in MONTH YEAR. I am a registered candidate for XXXX MONTH YEAR exam. I firmly believe that a finance professional having a substantial and in-depth knowledge of mathematics, would surely have a leading edge over others, and significantly contribute towards excellence and intense research.

I worked as an intern at XXXX, for about one year which helped me to improve my accounting and spreadsheet skills to a greater extent. I even got an opportunity to advise on a range of financial aspects of business such as budget, tax and cash flows. While working, I also passed the XXX’s Certification in XXXX conducted by XXXX.


At the XXXX, I have taken a leadership position in XXXX where I am working as an Economist in XXXX. My job is primarily to do research and gather information on the changes in various macroeconomic factors like inflation, GDP, unemployment, interest rates etc. I need to update all the sector managers and analysts working in the fund, with the latest news of individual industry sectors, which could affect their decision to invest in a particular sector. I also help analysts to better understand valuation methods and industry analysis. I work closely with the director of XXXX and assist him in optimizing our XXXX portfolio, so that we can come up with a well diversified portfolio soon. Knowledge gained during XXXX exam preparation and current MS XXXX program is proving to be very helpful for me in performing these tasks.

Recently, I volunteered to assist XXXX in organizing the event XXXX at the XXXX. I am also volunteering to help XXXX to improve its website and make it more informative. My participation in XXXX Competition provided me with an experience of working on a real world trading platform.

I am strongly committed to my education and I am sure that I will be able to earn an excellent grade point average, XXXX designation and graduate with the skills and experience, I need to build my career as financial analyst.



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