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How I Scored 760 In GMAT?

These are the tips from GMAT preparation experience submitted by a GMAT taker. You can read other tips from GMAT experience here. After 6 weeks of preparation while working part-time, I managed to score 750 (Quant = 50, Verbal = 41, AWA = 6). I re-took the test and scored 760 (Quant = 50, Verbal = 42). This is how scored 760 in GMAT.


I would advise you to work on your concepts, apart from attempting practice tests. If you are working while preparing, you could take a test every Saturday or Sunday.


I took 8 practice tests—2 GMAT Preps and 6 Manhattan GMAT tests. I feel these are adequate.

  • GMATPrep software is the official set of GMAT practice exams (two in number) that can be downloaded. However, there are no explanations to the answers. It is good to take one test when you have just started studying and one when you have completed preparation. To preserve your scores, do not click “No” when you exit the test.
  • Manhattan GMAT has good questions. The Math questions are more difficult than the Verbal questions. However, there are no Easy/Medium questions. All 6 tests have good explanations and help you estimate your strengths and weaknesses and work on your time management and accuracy.


  • The Official Guide (12th Edition) is good for practice problems, but not for Math and English. There is no list of idioms and explanations for Quant answers are bad.
  • The Princeton Review is not very useful but the AWA section is good.
  • Manhattan GMAT books are among the most expensive GMAT books, but highly recommended. They consist of 8 great guide books and include a code at the back that gives you access to 6 GMAT computer adaptive tests. You can get assessment reports as well but do not analyze them too closely.

Manhattan Prep’s Official Guide Companion is also a good buy because the explanations in the Official Guide are not satisfactory. The cons are that too much paper is used, analysis of one’s performance is complicated, and they are not good enough for the AWA section.

Manhattan GMAT and Manhattan Review are different resources.

  • Powerscore Critical Reasoning and Powerscore Sentence Completion are good books to use if you need practice in the CR and SC sections.
  • Writing Skills for GMAT/GRE is a great resource for the AWA section with sample essays on topics taken from the Official Guide.

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