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7 Easy Steps to Apply for Study in Australia


There is always anxiety that comes your way when you think of making an application to study abroad. Studying in Australia generally has an easier flow of events as compared to other countries across the globe.

Being aware of the entire process will help in first, reducing the tension and act as a checkpoint of the progress made. Let’s have a look at the key steps on how to apply for studying in Australia:

  1. Identify the right learning institution

When you think of studying in Australia, this is the very first step that you will have to take on. You, however, need to be sure of the courses you want to pursue to make the whole process easier. Australia has approximately 40 top universities that you can choose from. You, however, need to be aware that the course programs offered, cost, educational value and culture at each university is different.

It is a good practice, therefore, to do a background research and find out the university that works out best for you. You can pick the top five schools that meet your criteria and then make formal applications. You will have to patiently wait for the response before you proceed to the subsequent stages.

There is a need to include all the relevant academic records when making an application to the University. It is to prove that you are academically qualified for the courses that you are applying for. You also need to be aware of whether your academic qualifications are accepted or considered by the Australian education system. Academic records from international recognized institutions are accepted in Australia.

  1. Apply to the selected University

The steps entails making a formal application to the university that you have selected. There are different documents that need to be included in the application depending of the University of choice. Official transcripts from your past learning institution, recommendation letter and statement of purpose are some of the critical documents needed. You may also be subjected to some standardized test aimed at evaluating your English proficiency. TOEFL and IELTS are among the many examples of these standardized tests.

  1. Make visa application

As you wait for the approval of the applications you made at the various universities, it is better that you start looking for a passport and just get to understand what it takes to get a Australian student visa. There are several agencies available that can help make the visa application process easier for you. Be sure to engage the right people and also source enough information so as to avoid being caught up less prepared.

Most of the countries do carry out interviews for people traveling through embassies. You, therefore, need to prepare well to prove to the panel why you deserve the visa.

  1. Confirmation

A confirmation letter indicates that you have been accepted at the University. In most cases, you can have approximately three confirmation letters from different universities that you made applications to. It will now be upon you to decide which university you will be joining. It is advisable for you to consider the cost implications when making the final decision.

  1. Accommodation

Getting to know where you will be living as you undertake your studies is trivial. You, therefore, need to make sure that accommodation is planned for before you travel. The options available is either to reside within the institution’s hostel or choose to rent an apartment not far from the University. This will also help you have a rough estimate of the amount you will be paying for rent thus good planning.

  1. Apply for Scholarships

Act fast in seeking financial help through scholarships and aid. You need to be aware that Australia will accept you to study there only if you are able to prove that you are financially stable. That is, being able to cater for school fees and cost of living while a student.

There are several international bodies that are willing to offer scholarships to international students and thus you should be keen to consider such bodies. With the wide penetration of internet across the globe, it is possible to find out about these great opportunities at the comfort of your home. Deep research should also be done to avoid getting yourself into fraud related activities.

  1. Follow-up

Once you have made applications for the scholarship, be sure to make frequent follow ups just to be aware of the progress. This will help you also draft an estimated date and time for your travel. Once the scholarship is approved, it is time to be happy and look forward to a new study life in Australia. Congratulations!


Even though the steps seem easy, it requires that you become more aggressive to have your dreams and ambitions be brought to reality. It is that time you must get out of your comfort zone and chase your goals. All the best!

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