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8 Easy Steps to Apply for Study in New Zealand


One of the best places to pursue your higher education abroad is New Zealand. The country is known for its world-class education and a study environment that is secured. Besides that, New Zealand has great facilities and natural beauty that provides a great outdoor experience.  Therefore, if you are one of the people who yearn to study in this great country, there are several steps that you need to be familiar with.

How to apply to study in New Zealand

  1. Get familiarized with New Zealand’s education system

This is the most important aspect for any student who wants to study in New Zealand. There are a total of six sectors that make up the entire education system in New Zealand namely Universities, Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics, Private Territory and Training Institutions, Teacher Training, English Language Training Sector and Wãnanga. Based on the purpose and field that you want to venture in, you will suit in one of the sectors. Carrying out some basic research and analysis will enable you to stay knowledgeable as far as the education system of this country is concerned.

  1. Choose the university/school

Once you have a proper understanding of the education system, you will have to pick the institution that you want to further your career in. There are a total of 8 universities in New Zealand that you can apply for undergraduate and post graduate programs. With over 20 institutes of technology, you have a wide pool of choices to pursue a diploma or other technical courses.

A comprehensive research is required so that you make the right decision. Take into considerations the tuition fee, quality of education, time taken to complete the desired course and cost of living when selecting a learning institution.

  1. Apply to the selected university

Once you are done with the research, it is time you made a formal application to the institution that meets your requirements. Be reminded to include official transcripts and certificates from your previous school in the application, they are a legal prove for your qualification of the course program you intend to pursue.

Be prepared for you may also be subjected to some standardized tests that seek to test your fluency in English among other basic skills.

  1. Plan for accommodation

Accommodation is another crucial aspect when applying for a study course in New Zealand. Basically, there are two options that you can choose from. You can decide to be housed within the institution’s halls of residence or find a rental apartment that is within the vicinity of the university. Accommodation should also be planned in advance, prior to travel, so as to have a smooth time when you get to New Zealand.

  1. Passport and Visa preparations

Without a visa, going to New Zealand will always remain a dream. If you are going there for studies, you need to acquire a student’s visa. You also need to know that the student visa will be approved only if you prove that you are financially stable. That is, being able to cater for your tuition and cost of living while in this great country. Medical documents and a letter of offer are among some of the requirements needed while applying for the student’s visa.

  1. Seek scholarships

There are several bodies that offer the scholarship to international students. Scholarship is a great avenue to reduce the financial needs for your study. You can also seek scholarships that may be present in your mother country.

  1. Seek for employment opportunities

It is possible to work on part time while studying in New Zealand. It is a great way for you to raise some income for your pocket money. There are several programs available for students that you can plug in. Please make sure that the part-time job is flexible enough so as to have time to focus on your studies too.

  1. Time to pack your bag!

With your letter of offer ready, the visa and passport available, your air ticket and accommodation set, it is time for you to pack your bag and start planning for your travel. Be sure to have a to-do list of all activities needed to be done before travel so that you don’t leave something unattended.


It is time to stop worrying and follow the above seven steps to study in this great country. It is time to fulfill your dreams in New Zealand. All the best!

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