Useful Tips Before You Study In Australia

Useful Tips Before You Study In Australia

Education has always been an equalizer in any given society. Today, education has been made more accessible than ever before probably due to technology that has reduced the world into a global village. Studying in foreign countries has now become a common thing. Studying in Australia being a no exemption, there are several challenges that you may encounter in this new place. Being equipped with some tips will make the entire learning period in Australia smooth and full of fun.

So, here are some tips for you if you are planning to study in Australia:

1. Visa Acquisition

If your study in Australia requires less than three months, then you need to acquire a tourist visa and save some cash otherwise you need a residing visa. The entire process is easy because it is done through an online platform thus no need to visit the physical offices. One of the things that you need to be prepared for is the fact that the Australian Visa is expensive. Failing to prepare in advance may leave you stressed and frustrated financially.

2. Medical Insurance

Having a medical cover will depend on the type of study you are going to have. There are several scholarships that have a health insurance as an inclusive in the package. You need to be smart and make inquiries in advance. In the event that the insurance is not a part of the scholarship, then you will have to acquire one. A careful study needs to be conducted for at times, your domestic insurance cover may be applicable in Australia too. The benefit of the research prior the acquisition is that it may help you save some costs, leaving you with a good amount of money to have fun.

3. Cost of Living

It is important to understand the region where you will be having your studies in Australia. Some cities such as Melbourne and Sydney are very expensive. As a student, you probably want to reside in a place where groceries and food, in general, is very affordable. Be sure to save a good amount of money for daily expenses and even some for emergency purposes. While in Australia, always be cautious of the cost of any form of service that you are subjected to. It will help you avoid embarrassments or running into financial crisis immediately after you land in this foreign country.

4. Climatic Change

Australia is a country that has several seasons. You, therefore, need to carry out proper research to find out which season are you getting yourself into. This is beneficial for you as this will be a major consideration on the clothing to carry. Melbourne and Sydney, found in the south, are known to be cold cities thus you need to stay warm if your school is within these areas.

5. Governing Laws

Just like any other country, Australia is also governed by laws that you need to be aware of. This is to make sure that you are not caught up on the wrong side of the law while on a study. If you are planning to drive, a proper understanding of the road rules will be ideal. The traffic rules can be a little different to what you are used to in your mother country. This is a country with kangaroos everywhere and thus calls for anyone driving to be more cautious to avoid harming the animals.

6. Different Grading System

It is worth getting knowledgeable on what Australian grades mean because they are slightly different. A “D” grade is in fact a pretty good grade! Most Australian universities use HD (High Distinction), D (Distinction), C (Credit), P (Pass), and F (Fail) as their grading system, so do not freak out if you have received D grade!

7. Working Part-Time in Australia

One of the benefits of being on student visa in Australia is that you may have permission to work part-time while studying. Australia, unlike other countries, gives those with a student visa permission to work. International students must find a part-time job on their own, but once hired, they will gain hands-on experience. Not only is this a unique opportunity for students to gain real work-experience in Australia, but it also helps students cover a portion of their living and college expenses as well as improves their business English fluency.


Being able to take into consideration the above seven tips will make your entire stay in Australia enjoyable than ever before. Ignorance can be costly and may lead you to being deported. Be always willing to learn from the friends that you will meet while at the learning institutions. This will probably make life simple for you. Avoid being rigid and resilient to change, it is sometimes inevitable. Remember, while in Rome, do what they do!

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