Tips To Ace The New SAT

Tips To Ace The New SAT

As scary as the SAT sound, I assure you that at the end of the day, they will feel just like your ol’ regular test. With the only difference being, thousands and thousands of other students around the globe are taking this same test fighting for a slot at the top schools around the world. Did you know that passing the SAT could be the best thing that happened to you yet? Well, this might not be entirely true but it could be among the very best. A high SAT score will ensure you a chance to getting a seat at some of the most competitive and prestigious colleges in North America. That is not all! A high score will prompt the colleges to award you with scholarships for your tuition! Some of which could cover up to 100% of your expenses including room, board and even books (which by the way, cost more than my monthly rent) not to mention, full tuition.

With all this at stake, I would understand why you are so worried and tensed about getting the highest possible score. As I said, you have taken tens if not hundreds of tests before this. To add to some of the smart tips you have used to ace your tests before. Here is a list of mine that I hope will allow you to loosen up a little and grab this bull with the horns!

Familiarize yourself:

Before taking the SAT, make sure you have had enough material to go through and familiarize yourself with how the tests are formulated or better still, How a SAT paper looks like. As corny as it sounds, you would be surprised how knowing or having a slight idea of how a test paper looks like could ease your mind. Buy the SAT prep books if you can or do as many tests as you can online.

Get help:

As humans, we are social animals. We crave and appreciate attention in every aspect, which is absolutely fine. If at all you feel stuck or scared of all the things that could go wrong during your SAT. I would advise you to talk and work with someone who has done this before. Get a tutor if you may. Just remember, everything is easier when you have a crowd cheering you. Or is it? ?

Answer all your question!

No matter how hard and impossible a question is, I promise, the answers is in the choices. Leaving a question blank would suggest otherwise, if you do not know the answer to a certain question. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Do whatever you going to do. Toss a coin if you may (you probably should not do this) but! You definitely should put an answer in every question.

Believe in yourself:

I cannot stress enough the fact that you have done many more tests before. You have probably practiced long hours for this SAT test. Now all you need to do is get in there and make the future you proud. Trust that you have worked hard enough and that you got what it takes to be on the competing board with thousands of others all over the world!

Chin up,

You got this!



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