usmle step 3 tips

Tips to Ace the USMLE Step 3 Test

USMLE is an acronym that stands for United State Licensing Examination. It is a single examination program. This consist of three steps premeditated to evaluate the capability of medical alumni in smearing the concepts and ethics that are paramount in health care. It ensures that the basis of safe and effective care of a patient is met.

It is supported by the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME) and the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). Participants must have some level of degrees such as M.D degree to pass this examination before being accredited to practice medicine in the United states.

Every examination has its organizers and the USMLE is not an exception. USMLE has its Examination boards composed of medical instructors and clinicians from across the United States and its terrains create the examination resources each year. At least two committees critically evaluate each test item or case, revising or removing any materials that are in doubt.

The test includes step 1, 2 and 3. You can only be qualified to participate in test after passing step 1, step 2 CS, Step 2 CK and must graduate from a medical school.

USMLE step 3 test

This is a scrutiny designed to evaluate whether a participant can apply medical knowledge and understanding of a clinical discipline. The USMLE Step 3 is very paramount in medical education: it is on record that USMLE results are the least important, but has the most valuable content.

Preparing for USMLE can be worrisome. Management is key. The Failure to command specific tests and treatments, the lack of efficiency in patient care and the decision to order inappropriate and dangerous test can result in a lower grade.

Here are some tips to help you ace USMLE step 3 test

Get ready for the test: on the eve of the test, get all the materials you may need for the test. You need a practical experiment on you work. The worst thing you can experience on the test day is the pressure of being unprepared.

Night sleep: research has proved that having a good night sleep can enhance a good body system. Even if you are the kind that does not sleep at night, you are advised to rest from all works during the hours of the night to get your memory and body in the right balance for the test. Having a good night sleep/rest will help you mentally and increase your test performance.


Choose your food: on the day of the test make sure you eat your best meal before you set out for the test. This will enable your body to be in the right balance which in turn enables you to think and reason rightly. If eating is not an option now take your lunch and snacks along so you will have nothing to border about your system imbalance.


On arrival: when you get to the test site, check if all the materials such as your valid ID, signature or your printed copy of your scheduling permit required for the test are with you. Make yourself comfortable, review all that you have studied. Do not discuss any matter that will divide your attention with anybody. If possible stay alone and memorize your practical experiments early done.


Time is crucial in USMLE stepn3:  Project to arrive at the test site at least an hour before the actual time for the test. The stems are lent and time-consuming. It has many questions which are split into two, the outpatient and the inpatient. The outpatient questions are easier and tend to ask more about a diagnosis. Set your time on you are going to answer the question.


Check and follow the instructions: the pressure to get started without following instructions may get you into trouble. Examinees are always venerable to punishment or deduction of points even when their answers are correct because of not following the lay down rules. Do not get into such pressure, check, cross check, and follow all the instructions.


Question and answers: always start from the questions familiar to you. Do not spend too much time on one question especially the ones with lower makes (grade). Attempt all the necessary questions even if you cannot get the answers correctly. Wrong answers do not count against you, move on if you are not sure of the correct answer.


At the end of the test: do not be in a hasty to submit your test. Go or run through it to check if there is any mistake, correct them and review the instructions again to ensure you are truly ready to submit.

If you are successful with a good grade you will be issued licenses which will permit you to practice medicine in the United states.

Best of luck.

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