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Tips For IELTS Writing To Score Sure-Shot Band 8

Writing is a challenging task and it requires a lot of practice to write an engaging and interesting essay. Not every one of us is a born writer and clearing the IELTS writing test can be a daunting task for many of the students. Here is a list of tips that can help you to improve writing in order to clear the IELTS Writing test with a Band 8 score.

1. Read the Instructions & Question Properly Before Answering It

First of all, read the instructions fully before trying to attempt the test. Read the question carefully and make a note of all the information that you have to incorporate in the answer before attempting to answer it. You will have to list down the key points that have to be included in you essay before you start to write it. Do not write a generalized your essay as it will only make you lose marks.


2. Practice well before you attempt the test

The quote, “Practice Makes Perfect” fits perfectly for writing. The only way you can improve your writing is by regular practice. You should also get your writing checked by a mentor in order to learn from your errors.


3. Improve your vocabulary

An important aspect of writing is the good choice of words. Avoid repeating the same word again and again in the essay. You should also avoid using complex words. Use precise words to make your essay stand out. Invest in a good dictionary and continue to update your vocabulary in order to improve your writing.


4. Don’t reduce the word count

The task 1 requires you to write a minimum of 150 words and you cannot deviate from the number drastically, whereas a little deviation is acceptable. A 250 words essay is required in task 2 and hence you should always stick to 250 words. You cannot compromise on the number of words.


5. Don’t overwrite

For a 250 words essay, make sure that your content is more or less around the same number. Writing too many words will only increase the number of mistakes and affect your score.


6. Use Time Wisely

You should plan your timing wisely. Do not spend more time on one task.  Divide your time carefully and allot sufficient time for each task.


7. Don’t copy the question text completely

Copying the whole question text is not a wise thing to do. The examiner will surely not consider those words in your essay’s word count and it will significantly reduce the word count of your essay.


8. Proofreading the Writing

After finishing both the tasks, you should proofread your writing to find out if there is any grammar or spelling mistake. Allot five minutes to proofread your writing in order to make sure that your writing is free of mistakes.


9. Divide your Essay into well structured paragraphs

You should organize your writing in paragraphs of suitable sizes to make sure that the essay looks well structured. You should divide your essay in to at least 2 or 3 paragraphs. This will create a good impression on the examiner and will boost your score.




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