ielat listening tips to score band 8

9 Tips for IELTS Listening To Score Sure-shot Band 8

Many IELTS candidates think that the practice test is the easiest one among all the other IELTS tests and does not need any preparation but I beg to differ. You need regular practice to crack the IELTS Listening test. Here is a list of tips for IELTS Listening test with a Band 8 score.

1. Read the instructions carefully before attempting the IELTS Listening Exam

First of all, read the instructions fully before trying to attempt the test. If the instructions say that you can only use two words for an answer but you use three words then your answer will be wrong. Hence, reading and understanding the instructions is very important before you attempt to answer the questions.


2. Read the questions before listening to the audio

In the IELTS listening exam, you are not just going to listen to the audio but also simultaneously read the questions and answer them. Hence, you should read the questions before listening to the audio so that you will have a clear idea of what to listen for and predict the correct answer.


3. Practice well before you attempt the test

The only way you can improve your listening skill is by regular practice. There are so many listening practice texts online that will help you in improving your listening skill.


4. Write the answers immediately

Do not keep the writing part pending till the end thinking that you will remember everything you heard. Answer the previous question before moving to the next so that you do not miss out any information.


5. Do not commit spelling and grammar mistakes

Do not make any spelling or grammar mistakes while writing answers as those mistakes can affect your score. Concentrate on what you are writing so that you can avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.


6. Don’t leave any answer blank

Do not leave any answer field blank because there is always a chance that your guess may be correct especially when the question is a multiple choice one. Another reason for not leaving any answer field blank is that there are chances that you may fill the answers in the wrong fields if there are many empty answer fields.


7. Ignore unknown words

If you come across any unknown word in the audio then don’t panic and waste your time in guessing the word. You can just move on to the next question.


8. Move to the next question if you miss an answer

If you miss the answer to a question then don’t waste time in guessing the answer. You can just move on to the next question and come back to this question if you have time at the end.


9. Proofread your answers

After you finish writing all the answers, you should proofread your writing to find out if there is any grammar or spelling mistake. Allot some time to proofread your writing to make sure that your writing is free of mistakes.

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