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Tips for IELTS Reading To Score Sure-Shot Band 8

IELTS reading is a difficult task for many candidates and it needs a lot of training and practice to crack the IELTS reading test. Here is a list of IELTS reading tips that will help you in training yourself in order to clear the with a Band 8 score.


1. Read As Much as You Can

The first tip to crack the IELTS reading test is to read as much as you can. You can read short articles on interesting topics and also read resources like magazines and newspapers to improve your reading skill. Numerous applicants quit reading thinking it is too hard and hence do to get the desired band score. You should never give up on reading if you want to score well in IELTS reading test.


2. Read The Question Properly

First of all read the question carefully and then attempt to answer it, so that you do not miss out any critical words that can change the meaning of the questions altogether. You can avoid a lot of mistakes by focusing on the questions.


3. Practice Well

You can significantly improve your IELTS reading score by practicing exam questions. It helps you to know about the types of questions and also helps you to manage your time effectively.


4. Improve Your Reading Skills

A noteworthy issue in the exam is the text length and many applicants don’t have sufficient time to read the text carefully. You will have to speed up your reading so that you can read the text effectively and carefully in the lowest possible time. You will have to develop two abilities namely skimming which refers to quick reading and scanning which refers to looking out for specific information in order to crack the IELTS reading test.


5. Use Time Wisely

You should plan your timing wisely. You will have to decide in advance as to how long you should spend on reading the text and questions and how long you should take to answer the questions. This will help you in managing time effectively so that you do not end up leaving questions unanswered due to lack of time.


6. Know the Different Question Types

There are several types of reading questions in the IELTS reading exam. You should be familiar with all the questions types and also decide on which technique is suitable for each question type. You cannot use the same approach for all the question types. The approach should differ based on the type of the question.


7. Underline Words in the Exam

Underlining the keywords in the text helps you to you organize the text effectively which in turn will save you a lot of time in the exam. If you find an answer while reading the text then it is advisable to underline it and write the question number besides the underlined text. It will surely help you while answering the questions.


8. Practice Filling the Answer Sheet

Practice filling your answer sheet before attempting to the IELTS reading exam. This can help you to avoid a lot of mistakes and will give you practice in filling the answer sheet within 60 minutes.



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