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10 Tips for IELTS Speaking To Score Sure-shot Band 8

The grading criteria for IELTS speaking exam is strict and it is difficult to impress the examiner. Pronunciation, grammar, fluency and vocabulary are considered while grading an IELTS applicant. Here is a list of tips that will help you in clearing the IELTS speaking test with a Band 8 score.


1. Practice well

You will have to practice well before attempting for the IELTS speaking exam. You can listen to several recordings of native speakers and then practice speaking, so that the essential skills are developed with minimal effort.


2. Use Simple English to Speak

You don’t have to use complex words to impress the examiner. Use simple words instead of complex ones and focus on your fluency and pronunciation. Listen to the recordings of native English speakers and try to replicate their speaking style.


3. Don’t give one word answers

Don’t give one word answers. Try to extend your answers appropriately. For example, if the examiner asks the following question,

“How many siblings you have?” Your answer should be something like, “I have two siblings, one elder sister and one younger brother”.


4. Correct your mistake immediately

 If you make a mistake while speaking, then correct it immediately. It will give an impression that you have perfect control over the English language. If you are not sure of how to correct the mistake then just move on.


5. Ask if you did not understand the question

If you do not understand a question then don’t hesitate to ask the examiner to repeat the question. You will not lose marks for asking the examiner to repeat the question.


6. Take time to think

In the sections 1 and 3, you will have to answer the questions immediately and you will not be given time to think. One useful tip would be to reformulate the question. Reformulating the question gives you time to think and form the answer.


7. Know the different question types

There are several types of speaking questions that will be asked in the IELTS speaking exam. You will first be asked to speak about common ideas and the questions will become complex and harder as the exam proceeds. However, the speaking test is not an academic test and it merely gauges your grasp over English. So, speak confidently even if you are not sure about the answer.


8. Establish Eye Contact with Examiner

In the IELTS speaking text, both verbal and non verbal communication is taken into account while grading an applicant. If you make eye contact with the examiner, it will show your confidence and the examiner will probably be more impressed with you.


9. Give Examples

If you find it difficult to explain things then you can give relevant examples for explaining ideas. It takes a very little mental effort to explain examples and the examiner will probably be more impressed with your fluency.


10. Don’t consider the IELTS speaking exam as a conversation

Don’t relax too much thinking that the IELTS speaking exam is a conversation. It is more of an interview where one is interviewed. So, don’t be very casual while speaking as this will adversely affect your language. Be formal and answer the questions professionally as if you are attending an interview.



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