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Tips & Strategies To Ace TOEFL Writing Section

The final section of the TOEFL English assessment examination is the writing section. This aspect of the examination is a combination of both an integrative and independent writing sections. The time frame allowed for these two sections of the test is usually 50 minutes, thus, 30 minutes for the independent writing task and 20 minutes for the integrated writing task.

The integrated writing section requires the student to read through a short passage and as well listen to short audio clip of a discussion which is usually about the same passage information as in the written passage. The time allowed for reading the passage and listening to the audio is usually 5 minute and candidates or test-takers are given 20 minutes to plan and write a response drawing references from these two sources. It is important to bear in mind that this aspect of the exam always requires good reading, listening and writing skills as you will be assessed based on the quality of your writing, how specific the main themes in your write up are in consonance with the passage and the audio and how articulate these central points are related to each other.

The independent writing section on the other side requires the student to write a response to a given topic explaining one ideas or opinions regarding the particular topic. It is important to ensure clarity of the ideas developed, the demonstration of control of the language and how well and accurate your write up is been organized.

Tips for TOEFL Writing section

  • Ensure that you have understood the central theme of both the passage and the audio clip as it will form the foundation of your write up
  • Write your essay in a simple and plain language devoid of the use of bigger terms and that captures salient points or ideas in the passage and audio
  • Always take note of conjunctions, questions, exclamations, change in tone in the audio clip and instances where information from the passage differs from what is in the audio.
  • Take good notes when the audio clip is playing. You won’t have an opportunity to listen to it again.
  • Do not introduce your opinion in this aspect of the essay; only write on the information as gotten from the passage and the audio with instances of references from either the passage or the audio to back up your discussion.
  • Take few minutes of your time to plan how to write your essay. Always avoid rushing to start when you have not planned how you want the outlook of your essay to be like.
  • Always time yourself when writing to avoid been beaten by time. it is important also to finish writing before time so that one can review or go through the write up to make corrections
  • Remember it is always better to have fewer writings with lots of meaning than to write plenty without much sense.
  • Always study the two write up sections to be conversant with what is expected of you from each area so as not get confused with the two.
  • In the independent writing section one should at all times make your opinion known clearly in the first paragraph. Always be articulate with your stance, providing relevant information that validates your stance.
  • Try as much as possible to always refer or go back to the question so as not to lose tract with what is demanded of you.
  • Be mindful that the integrative writing section should always contain about 150- 225 words while the independent writing section should contain about 300 words.
  • Always write a thesis statement that conveys the idea of your write up or the angle at which you are arguing from. Your statement should be definite about your stand point.
  • Always give more specific reasons and examples to support your stand point

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