tips for writing statemet of purpose

Tips for Writing a Powerful Statement Of Purpose


  1. Develop a healthy timetable for yourself, as writing Statement of Purpose would take time i.e. a month or so. Therefore, be prepared to give time to writing your SOP. Also, remember to keep a sufficient buffer time for review at the end.
  2. Know what are your strengths and weaknesses. You have to discuss about them in detail in your statement.
  3. Have your resume in front of you so that you do not forget anything important.
  4. Check our SAMPLE STATEMENT OF PURPOSE and templates to get an idea of format. However, make sure you do not copy.
  5. Before writing Statement of Purpose create a high level summary or bullet points for each paragraph. Make sure that you have covered all important items.
  6. Perform deep research on the program, faculty and university you are applying to because it will be good if you could relate these to your experience and/or abilities in the SOP.
  7. Some questions which you may need to ask yourself:
  8. Recall the subject you have scored the highest marks or your favorite subject.
  9. Important thing or concept you ever learned and experienced in your academic life.
  10. Most influential personality/book/object etc.
  11. When was the first time you decided to choose this field and why? Have these interests turned into passion?
  12. What are your qualities and personal traits, which would help you excel?
  13. Make a list of projects you volunteered and all the life experiences which inspired you to choose this career.
  14. You should make a different Statement of Purpose(or modify) for every university or program you are applying to.



  1. Read your Statement of Purpose loudly multiples times. This will help you to detect any grammatical and spelling mistakes in your statement.
  2. Ask your family members and friends to read and review your SOP as your family knows you best from a personal perspective. Consider their review comments and make changes, if necessary.
  3. Send your Statement of Purpose to your professor or a career counselor for review, as they have more experience from academic perspective.
  4. Submit your application as early as possible. The sooner the admission committee reads your SOP, the best it is, because they would be in a fresh mood and would give sufficient time to your Statement of Purpose.
  5. If you are submitting as a pdf or word file, please make sure the name of the file has your name as well. For example, SOP_FirstNameLastName or SOP_LastName_Date etc.
  6. If you are applying online, please make sure to copy and paste the full SOP. It is very easy to make a mistake at this stage and to ruin your chances of getting admission.
  7. If you are submitting a hard copy, please make sure the SOP is printed clearly on a good quality paper. Also, make sure there is a header or footer stating you full name and page number because some professors prefer to read a hard copy.
  8. After you submit, stop reading your Statement of Purpose, as it is possible that you’ll find a mistake or change your mind on some sentences. This is human tendency and feeling of regret may result in demotivating you.


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