TOEFL test Experience

TOEFL Exam Experience

This is the TOEFL test day experience submitted by an TOEFL taker. You can read other TOEFL takers’ experience here.

I have just completed the TOEFL test and I am disappointed with my performance. My experience in detail:


This section began soon after I arrived at the test center. I was nervous and I took longer than usual to read the passages and then answered the questions. I was able to scan the passages faster during practice tests at home. Hence, I expect to score no more than 22-25.


The lectures were easy but more in number, probably because the ETS is testing its examination system. I had intended to score around 28-30 in this section. However, I was not sure about a few of my answers so I should get around 25-27.


I was very worried about this section. Even though I speak English every day, understanding the questions and putting your thoughts quickly into sentences is a challenge. However, I was able to answer the questions quickly and concisely so I expect a score of around 25-28.


This section was easy and I was able to compare all the points between the passage and the lecture, thus I expect a score of 5/5. I was also able to write the second essay using moderately complex vocabulary and valid arguments. I expect this to be my strongest section.


I am not happy with the way I performed in Reading and Listening. If I don’t score at least 100, I will re-take the test.

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