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My TOEFL Test Day Experience

This is the TOEFL test day experience submitted by an TOEFL taker. You can read other TOEFL takers’ experience here.

The first thing I want to mention is that the testing room was very noisy. Even though I had headphones on, I could hear the sound from the other computers. ETS is known for its poor quality testing centers, but I did not know it would be this bad. I was surprised to see that no one objected. So, I would advise you to check the test venue before booking a slot.


I found that the passages were simpler than those given in the TOEFL books published by ETS. I had six minutes left after I completed all three passages. The questions and answer choices were easily understandable, the sentences were easy to follow, and the vocabulary was elementary. Although I was confident about this section, I was worried about incorrectly reading the questions because of the background disturbance.


I could understand the lectures and conversations. However, some questions tested minute details that may be missed if one doesn’t listen closely. In a particular conversation, a student spoke faster than normal and appeared to be shouting at the professor.

I think you should take effective notes and try to remember all the tiny details. Incidentally, the practice tests that I took did not require so much concentration.


I was disappointed with my performance in this section because I had attempted all the practice tests and had internalized the advice from I kept pausing and used words that did not match the context, like “haphazard” instead of “readily.” I found it difficult to give all the information in the designated time. But, I expected to get a score of 22 or more because I had answered all the questions.


I was not happy with my performance in this section as well. I wrote around 280 words in the first task and around 420 words in the second task. I had adequate time to review my work. As per writing guidelines, I dropped some minor details that I wasn’t sure about, such as the name of a country.

In the second task, I wrote in depth about ATI products, VGA card, and computer gaming because I had a personal interest in these topics. Perhaps I received a low score here because the examiners did not understand the content. So, you should keep your answer simple.

I scored 108/120 and I am satisfied with my score and I will not take the test again.

Satabdi is a content writer and editor with degrees in Biology and English. Her interests include education, health and wellness, and books. When not writing, she can usually be found reading in a corner.

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