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What Are The Universities Looking For In A SOP?

The Universities would like to see the determination and diligence in the applicant. They want to admit only those applicants who have a clear view about their career goals and plans. The universities are primarily interested in knowing the following about the applicant:

  • Why the applicant wishes to study at their university?
  • What are the applicant’s real interests?
  • Do the applicant’s interests match with the statistics of the subject major they have chosen?
  • Can the applicant be able to apply the knowledge of the subject major chosen?
  • Why does the applicant want to research upon the subject chosen by him/her?
  • What causes the applicant to actually choose for the particular subject?
  • Is the applicant suitable for the course?
  • Does the applicant have necessary qualifications and qualities for the degree?
  • Is the applicant likely to drop out?
  • Will the applicant give his/her best and cope up with the demands of the course?
  • Can the applicant work under pressure?
  • Will the applicant be able to adapt to the new environment at university and the country?
  • Can the applicant be able to stay away from his native country and family?
  • How are the applicant’s communications skills?
  • Is the applicant dedicated to the course and has he researched properly?

The professors and tutors are trained psychologists and can very well read in between the lines. They will be able to spot insincerity and a lack of genuine desire of the applicant. Therefore, the above points should be kept in mind while writing your SOP. You must consider and address all of the above questions while writing your SOP.




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