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7 Useful Tips for Studying in New Zealand


New Zealand is one of the best places that you can enjoy life and studies away from your mother country. It is a country that will give you an experience full of outdoor adventure creating some of the unforgettable memories. For you to make sure that studying in New Zealand goes on smoothly, you need to have some tips at hand.  The tips will help you probably have a clear understanding of the country and the culture that you are getting yourself into.

So, what are the must have tips?

  1. Chilly New Zealand Weather

One unique thing about this country is its ability to experience close to all four seasons in a single day. This means that you need to be equipped with clothing that can take you through all the possible four seasons while in the study.

The country is characterized by mountains and sporadic rain once in a while across the year. The southern region of the country has cooler weather as compared to the northern region. The period between June and August is the coldest too. Since there are very many opportunities for adventure and hiking, there is a need for you to equip yourself with clothing that will make the outdoor events fun.

  1. Limited Universities

The country, which is made up of two Islands will surprise you that it has a total of 8 universities only. This means, therefore, that there are limited choices that you will have to make when you want to study in New Zealand.

The country has two types of universities, the public, and private ones. Private universities such as Lincoln University are less congested as compared to the state-owned or public universities.

  1. Scholarships

You need to be aware that New Zealand has great opportunities for scholarships. The scholarships available usually cover tuition fee, insurance, airfare and other related expenses while on the study. It is recommended therefore, you find some of the scholarship programs and apply for the one that meets your needs. Remember that the scholarships have different packages thus a key consideration when making an application for one. The application procedure is straightforward and thus it should not worry you.

  1. Cost of living

The cost of living in New Zealand depends on the regions or cities that you will choose to reside in. It is important that you calculate the approximate cost of living of various regions, do a comparison before settling to one.

For fun and adventure, there are several avenues that you will spend zero amount of shillings. Doing a hike, for example, at national parks is free and thus you can have fun at no extra cost. There are also a variety of festivals and cultural events with free entrance or subsidized fee package for students.

  1. Part time jobs

Part-time jobs are a great avenue for you to raise some income for paying your bills while on the study in New Zealand. You, however, need to make sure that your visa allows you to get some jobs while in the study in order to avoid getting into the wrong side of the law in a foreign land.

You need to strike a balance between the part time job and studies so that your main purpose of being in New Zealand is not diluted.

  1. Maori tattoo may be offensive

Getting tattooed has become a norm especially among students. You need to be aware that in New Zealand, Maori tattoo is meant for people who are highly knowledgeable in Maori society. So next time you are on the ink exploits in New Zealand, be aware of this to avoid being questioned by the leaders of the Maori society.

  1. Kiwis and Rugby

Rugby is one of the sports that is taken seriously in New Zealand. You will have to learn a few tips about rugby in order for you to connect well and freely with the Kiwis while on the study. This happens as part of the fun and adventure moments in New Zealand.


With the above tips, you are good to immerse yourself into the Kiwi culture and enjoy life. New Zealand will always give you an experience like never before. Time to have studies meeting fun and adventure.

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