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Why SOP Is Important?

The SOP or Statement of Purpose is a part of the college admission’s application abroad. It is a personal statement or an autobiographical essay about yourself and how different experiences in life have influenced you and your professional interests. The SOP describe your professional interests in a better and more specific manner. Its purpose is to show why you are the best among all the applicants and why the particular degree is suitable for you. The SOP is a medium through which you have a chance to talk to the admission committee directly as it demonstrates your enthusiasm and commitment towards the degree you have chosen. In simple terms, an SOP is a picture of you as a person, as a prospective student and also as a successful leader in the future. This article will help you understand why SOP is important, characteristic of a good SOP, and what SOP communicates to the reader.

A typical SOP describes:
o You at your best
o Your skills
o Your interests
o Your goals and future plans

Characteristics of a Good SOP

A good SOP has the following characteristics:

  • Written within a reasonable word limit i.e. not extra-long,
  • Must be very convincing and impressive,
  • Has to be specific and authentic,
  • Should be legible,
  • A good start and a great end,
  • Unique in nature,
  • Neat and clean presentation, and
  • Grammar and spelling mistake free.

The SOP is an important part of your application packet. There are various aspects of your application which are scrutinized before the admission committee makes a final decision and SOP is one of them. If you have a great academic background but your resume is not very strong, then SOP can come to your rescue.

SOP gives the opportunity to the admission committee to judge your goals. Universities give utmost importance to SOP and they read each and every SOP before giving an admit.

The good part about SOP is that, this is the sole document in application packet on which you have full control. Hence, it is better to take advantage of this document and do a good job in writing your personal statement.

What SOP Communicates?

The SOP communicates certain things about you:

  • Writing skills like grammar, expression, punctuation, organization, creativity.
  • Philosophical skills related to the subject as to why you want to study.
  • Communication skills: The narrating style about the connection between your education, experiences and future goals.
  • Why you are different and what makes you unique for the program.
  • How you can be an asset to the university.



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